Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Happy New Year!

Yes, this is titled 'Happy New Year'. I know I always get confused with my seasons, even after all these years of living in Australia, but this is not a mistake, there is an explanation...sort of.

A long time ago when I was living in a beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dales my local college offered £5 courses. There was a whole range of things to choose from and for a few years I dabbled in some cooking classes, I studied for an A level, I even completed a Feng shui course.

I have some vague recollections of learning about the Feng shui pillars and a little bit about elements but one thing I really remember about the course was the lesson where Gary the tutor just sat at the front of the class and talked about Springtime. (Not very Feng shui you might think, but bear with me.)

Spring is such a wonderful time in the Dales.
 I can still picture the greenness and the anticipation of some warmth after Winter.

Beautiful Bolton Abbey

 I have some lovely memories of seeing the little lambs and the daffodils and having a real feeling of the start of something new.

Tutor Gary talked about Spring being the real start to a year. The time to shed off the winter blues and start preparing. The time of renewal.  I remember at the time it seemed to make some sense. Baton down the hatches until April and you emerge to see nature embracing new life. After all, I seem to also recall that Feng shui is partly to do with living in harmony with nature. (It was a long time ago and my brain is struggling to remember the details here…)

Anyhow, lets roll on some years and I'm now living the other side of the world. April isn't Springtime here. It's supposed to be Autumn time. I'm supposed to be preparing for that hibernating feeling.

However….my roots are still back in that little upstairs classroom in Skipton. I can't shake it off.  I'm still drawn to the idea that a new year starts now. This year I seem to be feeling it more than ever. I really feel that my year is just starting.

I want to Spring clean. I want to feel organised. I want to make lists. Change things around a bit.

I feel that the first few months of 2014 have been hijacked with 'stuff'.

I've done some exciting 'stuff', don't get me wrong. There have been visits to New Zealand and Thailand and some wonderful connections with family. I've been to numerous theatre, ballet and musical outings and managed a few trips to the coast. Somehow though there has been this feeling of never really getting on top of anything. I know that I've missed some things….

So May 1st is going to be my new year.

I'll pretend it's Springtime here.

I'll reintroduce lists…maybe even write a few goals.

Whilst I gather my favourite cardigans from the back of the wardrobe (and I looove my cardigans!) I'll mentally go back to Yorkshire seasons.

I miss you Yorkshire Dales...

Maybe when it comes to November I'll embrace another Springtime - a Southern hemisphere one.
Then I'll really get it together!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda from a slightly confused me!