How did we end up in Australia?

In 2004 a family of three went on a holiday to the other side of the world. They spent a glorious month enjoying the Australian winter and wondered if they would ever return...

In 2005 an opportunity came their way to spend a full year in this amazing country...they grabbed the chance and off they went.

In 2006 they prepared to return to the UK...but wait...just before the last box was packed another opportunity came knocking - a permanent move. Should they take it?

They boarded the plane back to the UK with heads full of dreams...

In 2007 a family of three moved to the other side of the world...

To  read more about the story of our move to Australia click here. (you will need to scroll to page 34).
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we just HAD to have a timber Queenslander

Sunshine Beach

Back to the UK to do some thinking...

a great place to ponder the decision

From February snow to February heat

the view from our apartment on our return

We swapped a back garden of sheep and mountains to sample the sunnier shores of Queensland.

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