About me and my blog


About the blog...
This blog started life as a way to communicate and share daily life stories with family and friends across the seas.

I blog about the differences in our lives now that we are living on another continent.
I also write just what comes into my head when I sit at the keyboard...I never really know what comes next...
I enjoy capturing everyday special moments and try and appreciate all the joys and challenges of parenting.
I will occasionally reminisce about my 'other life' (as I call it) as now that I have left the UK I actually see the beauty and appreciate the history that is offers.

The images in the header above link to my past. Both wooden love spoons were wedding gifts from precious friends, the books are treasures from past generations of my family, and the hat is a symbol of where my home is now...in the sun!

About me...

My life started in South Wales in a welsh community - welsh school, welsh chapel, welsh friends, singing, music....you get the picture?

I moved North to study, which is where I met my husband and was then lured over the border to England. We were both poor students for a while...him for quite a while..., but we stuck it out and eventually married and settled in the picturesque rural North Yorkshire Dales.

Fast forward some years and with a then three year old gorgeous girl in the mix we had the chance to spend a year in Australia....the rest as they say is history!

I miss a lot of things about 'home'...
I will always have a Welsh heart,
but I can still enjoy the rich and exciting adventures that life has presented.