Thursday, 4 November 2010

Want to live with the fairies?

image from real estate
image from real estate
Not far from our house is this little heritage listed treasure aptly named 'the Fairy house'.  It's on the market having been saved from destruction a few years ago. There were local protests and even a Facebook page set up to 'save the fairy house'.
If you zoom in on the photo, you might just see a stone fairy statue figure on the apex. When we drive past at dusk or in the evenings we always have to slow down so that Sibs can have a nosy in....just in case the fairies are getting ready to go out on their nightly visits.

One night the door was open and the lights were on and she was adamant that she saw the tooth fairy getting dressed! I sometimes "see" the 'good girl fairies' getting ready and we have to zoom home so that she is in bed before they visit!
Wouldn't it be fun to live in such an interesting house?

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  1. Count me in! I want to go there too! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx