Sunday, 19 December 2010

More rain, more carols, more spiders!

Another Saturday of rain here...this is getting beyond a joke!

Husband and daughter went off to the markets early this morning as per usual and fortunately just before the rain returned. We had quite a spectacular storm a couple of days ago - it was eerily pitch dark at 2pm. It's very strange weather at the moment, as when the rain does give us a break the temperature can rise to 30+ degrees! It's been duvet on, duvet off the bed and switching between cardigans to keep warm and air con to cool down!

Plans for this evening were carols at the local park. This was 'third time lucky'...
So we got prepared - rain coats and umbrellas at the ready and off we went.
not sure about the footwear girls!

 We listened patiently to the warm up band and got a bit muddy scrambling for the sweets that Santa was throwing from the stage. Sibs and her friend managed to catch quite a substantial amount as they seemed to be chewing away for most of the night! Funny that they didn't want any supper either....

at least it was easy to clean...
front row seats
and down came the rain...again
 We sang all the old favourites and then the finale was the firework display. I whipped out my new camera, set it onto "fireworks mode" and snapped away. I missed quite a few and have great shots sky! These are a few of the ones that I managed to capture.

Just to finish off the night, we called in on some friends who decorate their home with the most amazing Christmas lights. People travel from all over to see them. It takes six weekends, yes six weekends to set it up. 

Wearily we arrived home and there in the garage to greet us was this...

is this our old 'friend' the huntsman?

I have a nasty suspicion that it's the same spider from the other day come to seek revenge for being sucked up the vacuum cleaner! That story is here (The pest man and the spider) should you wish to find out more. I closed the door securely and am keeping everything crossed that he remembers the vacuum cleaner incident and chooses to stay well away from inside the house!

2 Comments and thoughts:

  1. What is it about Carols and rain in Australia? The firework pics look great, as does your friend's house :)

  2. My heart is broken over The Holiday cottage! :)

    We have spiders and ladybirds in our house right now, galore :)

    XO L