Monday, 13 December 2010

some crafty things

Today I expected to be writing about our visit to Government House....our invited visit no less! Unfortunately this Brisbane rain has been relentless and most things outdoors have been cancelled, including yesterday's twilight carols.

The Office of the Governor regrets to advise that due to the inclement weather
this evening's scheduled Twilight Carols has been cancelled. 
This decision has been made to ensure the safety of the performers and guests.
Unfortunately, this event will not be rescheduled.

Luckily we had plan B and went to the local Church down the road to an indoor carol service. We sang along to the old favourites and watched a version of the nativity story. They have some talented actors there and we had a lovely evening and ended it with an ice lolly to eat on the way home.

So back to crafty things...
Sibs (with a tiny bit of help from me) made some double chocolate cookies yesterday. She's very particular about it. The ingredients have to be exact to the gram, the greaseproof paper has to fit the tray perfectly, but then once they're in the oven she loses all interest and has to be coaxed and cajoled to help with the clearing and washing up! We made double quantities so that we could make some Christmas gifts for the neighbours today.

It's a tradition in our house to spend the first morning of the school holidays in our pj's until at least the time that the school bell goes - just because we can. Hand in hand with this tradition is to then watch Play School and join in with all the songs and guess the window. I really wonder each school holiday how long this will last, but no signs yet...

Play School here is so Australian and we learnt so much in our first year just by watching each day. This morning one of the songs was about each farm animal saying "G'day"!!

After Play School there is usually a request to "do something" so we bake or do some art or crafts. Today we finished off the Christmas cookies gifts and pottered with a few other Christmas things.

Now on to a bit more 'professional' craft things. You might remember that I went to the Twilight Boutique Market on Friday. This is where I saw the snowman which made me laugh. Anyhow, here are a few of the things that I bought.

The birds are from the amazingly talented Mondo Cherry girls. They are made with vintage maps and look very much at home in my twigs on the stairway. The pink flower hair clip and kaftan were made by Spilt Milk. How lovely to be able to meet the owner Kelly, who designs and makes the clothes. The wheat bag smells's a 'relaxing' one. It sits on my pillow in the day and fills the bedroom with a mixture of floral and musk smells. I know there's lavender in there, but don't ask me what else. It was made by Soul Living. I didn't pick up a card so don't have a link sorry.

So the school hols are off to a good start. Sibs is out playing cricket with the neighbours, tea is in the oven...and it's not raining!

Happy Monday

6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. How disappointing you weren't able to go. So sorry to hear that. Yet how lucky to be on school break - we have another week until 'sleep-in' days :)

    Merry Christmas! XO L

  2. Hi Beth!
    You are so loving
    each moment with
    your girl...and it
    is just precious.
    Love your morning
    vacation traditions!
    I miss those days,
    as mine are 12 and 15
    and it's a different
    world than the wee
    shows we used to watch.
    But they still love
    to snuggle in with
    Mom and Dad for movies
    and we still have FUN,
    just different.
    Merry Monday....and
    thanks for stopping by!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Hello Beth, Neil has just introduced me to your blog as I have just started a running blog. I am a Brit living in The Netherlands so not quite so extreme as you in Aus. I had to laugh though - carols rained off! On Neighbours its always sunny - what has gone wrong?
    Best wishes

  4. What a pity about your visit to Gevernment House. It looks as though you are well into the awing of Christmas anyway!

  5. Whoops, my typing is terrible, added in with the fact that many keys on my keyboard don't always work...that should have read "swing" not 'awing'!!

  6. Me again :) I just wanted to say that will be great when you get your mantel attached. It is my fave place in the huse to decorate. I attached my stockings with electrical tape as it's strong and doesn't mark :)