Monday, 10 January 2011

Escaping the Brisbane rain

I know that I previously said that I would stop complaining about the rain,
so this is not a complaint -
just an observation!

my poor waterlogged and weedy garden...

It's STILL raining...constantly...all day and all night...!
The frogs, ducks, weeds and the mosquitoes are having a ball!
Everyone and everything else is over it!

Some local children were surfing in the park yesterday,
They were having such good fun on their boogie boards in the vast puddles of water and mud....
Later in the day, in the same park there was a family of ducks enjoying a splash around.

The creek near our house is flowing at some speed carrying quite a bit of debris. It's usually a little trickle...

So what am I doing?

Well the grandparents have been briefed with a vast list of housitting instructions, and... 

I'm escaping the deluge of water for the sunnier shores of New Zealand.
I will be celebrating my birthday somewhere warm and quiet overlooking the ocean.

From this...

to this...

Bay of Islands NZ

I just hope that we have a dry house to return to...

10 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Have a great holiday. I know how you feel with the floods. We live next to saltwater marshes and are at the mercy of the tides, when we have heavy rain.

  2. Enjoy your time in NZ! (i love reading this post, gives me a little peek what's going on over in Oz) Hope for some sunshine for you!

  3. Have a fabulous holiday, though I doubt it would be possible not to in NZ! You lucky thing!

  4. I am glad you are out of Brisbane at the moment. Stay safe and dry.

  5. Enjoy the break - so well timed... it's been divine here and I hope it holds for you - the Bay of Islands is gorgeous... I want to hear all about it when you get back. If you need some Auckland tips just email! Meant to reply earlier but been in bed with gastro - yucko.
    Ann x

  6. oh beth...i hope you have a wonderful bday as you know now what is still happening in qld...
    the rain has still not stopped...we feel so much pain even from this huge distance...
    it is wonderful to know you are sfe...

    melissa xxx

  7. Just catching up quickly...
    Thank you for your comments and concern. Yes, Brisbane is a mess, but thankfully our home and belongings are safe. I'm thinking about those that haven't been so lucky. x

  8. Hi Beth,
    Glad to hear you were dry and not affected. Enjoy your holidays! :) x

  9. You were one of the lucky ones! Glad to hear that you weren't affected by the massive flooding. Enjoy the day, Kellie xx

  10. Beth, have a lovely trip. Just read your previous post about the wildlife. We have hundreds of photos of the kids as babies feeding the parrots. I especially love the king parrots...they are so bright and colourful. We would often feed the kookaburras at home with a cold sausage or a bit of ham (don't tell your sister), they would then proceed to kill it by bashing it around a bit...very entertaining! I love the sound of cicadas on a warm day...brings back great memories. We used to chase each other around when we were kids with the brown shells which they shed and leave on the trees...creepy! Glad your enjoying the wildlife...there's plenty to be found in QLD. Robx