Saturday, 29 January 2011

New Zealand. (Northlands road trip)

It's been a week since I returned from my holiday to New Zealand...

I want to go back... to remember that wonderful feeling of not knowing what day of the week it is, waking with the sun and falling asleep to the moon, rediscovering the true meaning of the word relaxation.

Allow me to reminisce and I'll take you with me...

on the road to Matakohe

Our little family packed our suitcases and escaped the relentless Brisbane rain to tour the Northland of New Zealand for a couple of weeks. We had previously done a month tour of both islands and had earmarked the north tip as one area to return to explore further.
Before the camper van pick up we spent our first night in rather a luxurious hotel in the city of Auckland. (Make the most of this space as you will be accompanying me in a rather more cramped fashion soon!)

Next morning after a hurried online catch up with the start of the flooding news from home we picked up our van, turned right, took a left and followed our noses over the bridge to the Northland.

It was exciting...we didn't really know where we were going...what freedom! 

About 45 mins north of Auckland the main highway became more of a winding road, the traffic lights disappeared, vehicles became sparse and the city was a million miles behind us.

the quaint library at Puhoi

"Where are we going?" said a little voice behind me, "North, just north..."

I could write pages on where we visited and the amazing adventure of waking in the morning with only a sense of direction to guide us. If you haven't been to New Zealand it should be, no, make that has to be on your list. The serenity is breathtaking. The unspoilt countryside a reminder of times gone by when life was simple. The Northlands has no airs or graces; doesn't pretend to be something bigger than it is - it's beautiful in its own calm and simple way.

morning catch at Omapera

The people are generous and proud, and we marvelled at the bilingual towns and the recognition that modern New Zealand is very much a shared country between Maori and settlers.

gentle Mangonui

Our 'Lonely Planet' and ''Rough Guide' were faithful companions throughout the trip and ensured that we found the best coffee, (very important!), the museums, the viewpoints etc. Every now and again though you have to follow your nose...

Hokianga harbour area

My birthday celebration was one of the highlights of the trip. Sibs had so much fun decorating the van.
Do you think anyone noticed??

Every holiday has to end and we eventually had to stop 'heading north' and make our way back to Auckland.

Haruru Falls nr Paihia, Bay of Islands

So we are back to routine and lists and definitely having to remember what day it is!

The suitcases are back in the wardrobe, the holiday clothes are washed, the new school year has started and the money box will have to be replenished with pennies dollars so that we can plan our next trip.

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  1. I knew you'd love it - I defy anyone NOT to love NZ! I loved that the Maori's and even the non-maori's were so proud of the culture. A really great place :)

  2. Thanks Beth for sharing your holiday. I didn't get one, so I appreciate taking one anyway I can! I've previously driven through the north and south island and found that NZ's landscapes are just a picture perfect postcard everywhere you look. Really stunning!
    Love the decorated car. Good fun and memories! That has to be the cutest library I've ever seen. I miss travelling....... Yes must save for a holiday!!

  3. Newydd logo i fewn i esbonio a ti wedi gwneud yn barod, mae e'n edrych yn gret. Fe ffidles i gyda fe am hydoedd cyn ffindes i sut.
    Lluniau NZ yn edrych yn hyfryd. Swnio eich bod chi wedi cael amser neis

  4. Diolch Bethan. Ar ol i fi adael neges i ti, es i nol i weld y 'template design' a ma na fwy o fonts nawr na'r tro dwetha edryches i. Nawr, ma isie i fi ddewis rhywbeth gwell i rhoi tu ol i teitl y blog...