Sunday, 27 February 2011

Rescue operation

There was a dramatic rescue operation at our house this afternoon!

A cane toad was stuck in the base of the netball stand...

When I say stuck - it was really stuck.
It pushed and heaved, rested...then pushed and heaved some more, but there was no way out!

I know they are revolting creatures...huge, disgusting, venomous spraying revolting creatures...
...but we had to rescue it.

Husband did the duty and ended up tipping the stand to let gravity do its thing and the toad eventually popped out.

I think it was rather grateful, and stayed around for a few minutes for a photo shoot!

Apparently the true Aussie thing to do would have been to capture it and as 'humanely' as possible dispose of it. Okay... if you want to hear it straight this varies from cricket bat humane to plastic bag in the freezer humane!?!
Sorry, just couldn' the Australian cane toad population is still the same!

5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Fowl. Gross. I nearly didn't click on this... I said I wouldn't... so take this as a compliment Beth. How revolting!!!

  2. Apologies to Sonia...I should have put a warning to tell you what was coming!!
    I promise not to do flies!

  3. I'm so glad you were able to save the cutie-pie! My kids would love to have seen him

  4. Hi Beth - my husband read your post and said "hear..hear!...." He is one Aussie who goes out of his way to rescue cane toads. He even goes so far as to find a nice rock or tree stump to re-house them. I can't even bear to look at them. Great photos! ;)Sharyne

  5. Oh dear... aren't they hideous?! I hear they are marching their way up the range in an attempt to conquer Toowoomba as well (near us). I hope it's too steep for them! gxo