Monday, 14 March 2011

Reflections on a weekend alone

It's Monday...already...
now where did that weekend go?
I mentioned in my last post that I had a weekend alone, to savour and enjoy just as I pleased - and that's exactly what I did. Thank you for all your comments to enjoy myself...I did!

Friday evening started a little rushed. Friday was a work day. When I have to turn back to mother at a particular time I have to plan my work day to complete everything and leave on time, which is usually manageable. Last Friday, because I was turning into going out for dinner with no commitments lady I was running late! Then to add insult to injury the shutters were down in the car park so I had to find security to let me out, who had to check my staff card (which I couldn't find) before doing so. Then I forgot that there was a rugby game at Suncorp stadium and got stuck in traffic!

Anyhow, after that kind of a start to the evening there was only one answer - a cool glass of wine was very welcome... I had a great night. Seven other girls, plenty of chatting, food and wine. My weekend was off to a good start! (Well, apart from the slight hiccup of a teary phone call from Sibs who was "not feeling well and please would I go and get her!" Incidentally, no more than ten minutes later there was another phone call - "I'm feeling better now I've just had some marshmallows!?!" - phew.)

Yes, I managed the Saturday morning lie in....nothing at all to do with a slight headache!

I pottered around the shops for a few hours and didn't look at my watch once.

My Saturday evening was spent in jammies, tea on my lap, with both cats at my side relishing the peace and quiet. I watched Sense and Sensibility (again) and  Romeo and Juliet (again), and yes I cried buckets!

Healthy salad due to over consumption on Friday.....oh, okay, due to the fact that I wanted to enjoy chocolate and a glass of Baileys! Is that an enormous bar of chocolate, or a tiny bottle of Baileys???

I thought that I should achieve something on Sunday so I woke quite early and set about with a paint brush. I did get around to painting the little desk, but I haven't done the distressing part yet....distressing the paintwork I mean, not distressing as in sad!

I did manage to paint a bedside table for Sibs though. Here's the before and after.

I thought that it was too tricky to paint the inside parts so I opted to cover it with sparkly contact. It's so pretty when the light reflects off it, and matches her purple/pink bedroom. It also took a lot less time.

Before I knew it, the lovelies were back - filthy dirty, tired and hungry. In no time at all I was back to mother. The washing machine went on, the bath was filled, the kitchen bench was covered in stuff!

The weekend was a success - Sibs got to spend time with her dad and lots of other kids. They went swimming in rock pools, scrambling, horse riding, exploring for dinosaur eggs, toasted marshmallows....

I got to spend time with me...

Just before I sign off, here's my gift from the weekend. Sibs had $5 to spend, she spent $1 on some sweets for herself and bought me can I not love it (and her)?

5 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Ha, that's a lovely gift. Very special. :)
    Well done on the bedside table, great makeover and clever idea with the contact. Will look fantastic in a girls room. I bet Sibs loves it!Your w/end bar the wee headache, sounded perfecto! Good for you. x

  2. So glad you had a lovely time and I am impressed that you even managed some diy. Good idea with the purple sparkly stuff! How sweet of your daughter to spend her money on you. Have a great week, love Linda x.

  3. Oh I've just seen, you have put me on your sidebar, how very kind, thankyou, Linda x

  4. Hi Beth...glad you had such a lovely weekend. I just love watching 'Sense & Sensibility'. Did your daughter buy you a dog..with her $4 or did I miss something? Must go...have a post to do on Wales! Robx

  5. Hi Beth, your weekend sounds incredibly relaxing, - how sweet that you got such a lovely gift - Melissa xx