Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hamptons comes to Brisbane

cafe at Hamptons Home Living

I had a spare few hours this afternoon...Some very precious few hours to myself.

Sibs went to a birthday party and I went browsing through Paddington. This is a suburb just next to where I live and it's full of gorgeous little boutique type shops, some antique places and various cafes. I love the fact that there are old run down little workers cottages just next door to beautiful homeware shops. It's full of surprises. One of the reasons that I was keen to spend some time there this afternoon was to visit a new shop. I had driven past a few times and had annoyed a driver behind me the other night because I went past a little on the slow side so that I could have a nosy... So to prevent any potential accidents whilst driving past I thought it was time to visit.

This new place is called Hamptons Home Living.  Even the name sounds tempting doesn't it? Well it doesn't disappoint. It's like walking into a delightful show home full of all the things that you love. The set up is elegant and comfortable with lovely things in every corner. It's cleverly styled almost like a home with a living area, some kitchen things displayed on a long table and even a styled bedroom....I just wanted to move straight on in. Then at the back is a wonderful veranda overlooking the city where you can sit and relax with a magazine and a coffee - bliss....and this is exactly what I did. (Oh, and a rather nice macadamia chocolate brownie found it's way onto my table too!)

Tania and Luke the owners were really welcoming and friendly and I'm sure this place is going to be a great hit. Soon they will be opening their kitchen so us locals can enjoy breakfast on the veranda - sounds good to me.

So this evening I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, Sibs and three friends are quietly watching a dvd,
my new candle smells divine,
and life is good...

purchased from Hamptons Home Living 

Enjoy your weekend,

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  1. Ah - that's my idea of bliss Beth! A glass of wine and beautiful candle wafting in the background. I LOVE Paddington. I desperately wanted to pay a visit there last time I was in Brisbane but didn't make it. I believe there is another new homewares store that has opened there (that used to be a butcher's shop - can't remember the name of it??) I just have to go there next time I'm in Brissy to see this beautiful Hamptons Home Living store (and also have a slice of that macadamia brownie - yum!) Have a great Sunday. ;)Sharyne

  2. Hey Beth I managed to get Al to Ikea on a Saturaday!!! Only because he'd seen a a van, we need a new one, in he area and then went to costco, a wholesalers like macro. Your shopping trip sounded much more up my sreet!! We away in July From 9th to 29th July, I know that's most of it so would be a shame to miss Nee'S, Does he know what date. Tell Sibs Skippy doing well. Al got new camera ready for hols so will try to take pics of Skippy!! Wendy xxx

  3. Beth, that sounds like a lovely day...a perfect day as a matter of fact! I can't wait to check out that shop. It sounds fabulous!

    Sorry I haven't been by for a while but I just wanted to let you know that you won the mop give away I had! Would you be able to email your address to me and then I will tell the company your details and then they will email the mop to you.

    Hope your week is wonderful.

    Best wishes,

  4. That would be my ideal day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That sounds like my sort of place :)

  6. Sounds like my sort of place too! Just the word Hamptons has me dreaming about the house in "Somethings Gotta Give".Love Linda x