Thursday, 28 April 2011

Something in common with Wills and Kate!

Seeing as wedding fever is beginning to get a grip I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon
and include my little story...

You see, I have something in common with the Royal couple...


When Prince William marries Catherine Middleton on Friday he will give her a wedding band
made of Welsh gold.
Well, almost sixteen years ago in a little village chapel in Wales I got married...
...and my wedding band is made from Welsh gold.

Not pure welsh gold (unfortunately I don't have that kind of spare cash!),
but it does contain some of the very precious gold mined in Wales.
 If you look closely you can see the word Heritage and next to it a daffodil.

The gold in my ring was mined from Gwynfynydd in North Wales.  The Queen was presented with a kilogram of gold from Gwynfynydd on her 60th birthday in 1986 so who knows, maybe Kate Middleton's wedding ring will be made from the same gold from the same mine as mine?

The mines were still active back in the day when I got married so I have a percentage of Welsh gold in my wedding band. As time has gone on the percentage that is included in the rings has decreased whilst the price has increased. The last two major gold mines closed at the end of the 1990's.
I guess at some point in the near future there will be no more Welsh gold...

Better keep looking after it then!

12 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Thanks for sharing as I had no idea the royal wedding rings had be made from Welsh gold.

  2. It's lovely that you have a little bit of Wales with you in Australia :)

    I've finally put my post up about the Welshcakes, loved them, and think I will make them again tomorrow in honour of the wedding! Easier than a Victoria Sponge huh?!

    x Rhiannon

  3. That is SO cool!
    I'm learning so much
    about a lot of things
    in these days leading
    up to THE big day : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  4. Lovely story Beth, I wish you health to wear it. Enjoy the big day, I'm very excited, love Linda x

  5. My wedding band has a little bit of welsh in it too.
    Not the gold, but inscribed inside it says "Cariad O Hyd" which I believe means "
    "Love forever" or "Love without end"

    I hope Kate is as happy with her Welsh man as I am with mine!

  6. Hi Beth,

    It's lovely to find your blog. Welsh gold, how beautiful. I just noticed how difficult it was to get Kate's ring on her finger- ouch! Hope you enjoyed the wedding! Emma.

  7. Ooh, love your little insider post. Have a great weekend! XOL

  8. That' a lovely story. It's nice that you will always have a little bit of 'Wales' with you even on the other side of the world! Robx
    p.s. You will have to go out west of Rocky to the Gem fields and get yourself a sapphire, emerald or ruby one day!!

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments Beth. The cake was quite simple, just a sponge with fresh cream and fruit, but sometimes the simple things are the nicest. Glad you enjoyed the Wedding. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x

  10. Wow, that's a beautiful story! Might keep something like that in mind when I get my wedding band! =)

  11. What a lovely story Beth! Your Welsh gold ring has a lovely soft patina to it, much nicer than the bright gold colour of mine.
    Millie x

  12. Hello Beth, my name is Beth also and i live in the US. I LOVE your story! I have been looking to buy a Welsh Gold wedding band (with NO luck) and that is how i found your story. May i be noisy and ask about how much Welsh Gold % is in your ring? And was it very expensive back in 1995? Thank you for your time and story!