Tuesday, 12 April 2011

thinking about my blogging style

The other day my husband was reading through my blog.
He said that he thought it was good...but a bit twee!
A bit too pretty and flowery and "isn't life great" twee!

When quizzed, he explained that I only really wrote nice things.
This has got me thinking...
Why do I write a blog? Why do I share certain things and not others?

(He also asked why I referred to him as 'husband', so for the record he's called Neil!)

Anyway, back to  - 'I only really write about nice things'. Umm... yes?

I chose to blog so that I could share the amazing life that I think we have here in Australia. Of course it's not perfect, but I don't think anyone is at all interested whether I'm having a bad hair day, or the fact that I got out of bed on the wrong side.
I think that I write about everyday day things. I will occasionally share some challenges, the downs as well as the ups of life, but he's right, on the whole I do only blog about the good side of life. I suppose blogging for me is a controlled diary. I only share parts of my life that I choose...

So just this once, (with tongue in cheek) to balance things  a wee bit and so that I don't give the impression that life is always rosy here, prepare yourself for a few glimpses of some of things in my life this week....


Both ipod and iphone are still working but there was a nasty glass splinter yesterday...
On the subject of glass -this fog light has had a crack in it for a while and it's now well and truly in need of repair...just add it to the list of car repairs.

The lovely dent and scratch on the other car happened when a much bigger car decided to change lanes and didn't quite see us. It's going to take 2-3 weeks to repair and can't be fitted in to the garage until almost the end of May!

(I did think of taking some photos of the kitchen after tea and the bathroom after Sibs had her shower...but I have spared you. Just use your imagination....it was broccoli and cheese soup - very green,
with crusty bread - lots and lots of crumbs!
...and Sibs hasn't quite mastered the art of placing toothpaste directly on her brush!)

I still think in the future I'll be mainly sticking to pretties and the good side of life...
Pahh, what do husbands know about blogging??

captured on a walk last Sunday
A quick note to finish - it usually takes me minutes to write a blog post...this one took ages.
It must be much easier writing about good things! 

9 Comments and thoughts:

  1. What did you do with your iphone? Ha! I would've chucked it at the husband if he told me my blog was twee! xx

  2. Interesting thoughts Beth, I suppose you could say that a blog is a chance to share happiness but not in a Facebook - look at my glorious life very brief snapshot way - but in a bit more detailed and thoughtful way. Life's too short for writing or reading about misery! Sure you may want to spend some time sharing the frustrations of family life and sadnesses, but mainly it's about entertainment! Personally I don't like the 'misery memoir' genre of books that has become increasingly popular in the Uk and USA and I wouldn't want to read a 'misery' blog either. Perhaps the types of people who have blogs are eternal optimists who want to share their sunny stories!!

  3. Beth u never disappoint, disagree with Nee's but then we know you!!!! really love the "happiness" you portray. We all have "bad days" but hey your only here once, I think!. I would worry about you all those miles away being unhappy. Wendy

  4. That sounds like a bad week - I would have had a blog moan. But you're right - it is much easier to write the nice stuff! I think I am sometimes too honest about how useless I am which is why it won't go on my CV!!! Who'd employ a disorganised writer with a front door fetish. Weird...

  5. Oh, Beth, I love your style. Don't change a thing! J x

  6. Um interesting! I have written about all sorts of things on my blog but I think mainly I want it to be a place of happy memories.

  7. Crazy week! I love your happy blog, but I think it's interesting to read all of the other happenings too. Whatever you love to write about is what counts. :)

  8. Oh dear, looks like you've had a bit of an accident prone week! As far as writing only nice things, I think from my experience having done the opposite move to you, I kind of have a bit of a sense of wonder about being in a new place. No place is perfect, but when everything is so different it seems so much easier to overlook some of the downsides.
    I love your style and I always enjoy reading about my (far off) homeland from your perspective - Melissa xx

  9. I think the thing that attracts me most about blogging is that it is so upbeat and everyone is so supportive of one another.It could be a bit false in some cases but who needs negativity and criticism, doom and gloom, surely there is enough of that out there already? I love your style, its friendly and real. I think if my husband read my blog he would say it was "twee" too, so I won't let him! Love Linda x