Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Want to live up the mountain?

This morning Sibs and I went for a drive up the mountain to catch up with sis-in-law (aka Dr Doolitle).
It was her birthday over the weekend so we took up a small gift, some hot cross buns and some chocolates for morning tea.

Their place is only about 20km from us yet it feels like another world the higher we climb and weave up that mountain. We pass through some forest with ferns so tall that you could be mistaken for being in a jungle or a tropical rain forest....wait on, it probably is a tropical rain forest!?

After a very pleasant morning it was time to come home to get on with some preparation for the Easter weekend. On the way down we noticed a for sale sign and pulled over to have a better look....

Seeing as the house was for sale I thought it was okay to take some photos. This one is with a bit of a zoom, otherwise it would just have been a bit of a spot in the middle of the trees.
It's pretty secluded with the most amazing view down as far as the port of Brisbane.
From the outside it's a little contemporary and industrial looking for my taste- but I think I could manage those views!

In the interest of research I had to have a look at the real estate web site when I got home. It has 5 bedrooms in a separate wing,  4 bathrooms and garage parking for 6 cars. Now for the interesting bit - it boasts a home theatre with blackout ceilings and walls, and a home office with finger print entrance security. It sounds very James Bond doesn't it? It will be going up for auction in May. Auctions are very popular for house sales here. Thankfully we didn't have to go through all that when we bought, but I did go to a few auctions just to get a feel for the market and as a 'just in case' so that I knew what it was all about if we needed to buy this way. I can imagine that it's pretty stressful whether you're a buyer or the seller. Many auctions are held on site so the house can be full of people just there for a nosy...

Here are a few of the real estate agent shots -

the only thing to do with a location like that is an infinity pool.

that looks suspiciously like a library - oh dream!
As I was driving away I thought about the different styles of houses that surround me. I wondered if it might be interesting to share the variety here?  Must put that suggestion in the 'we should box'!

I'm taking a little break from tomorrow to enjoy the long Easter weekend.
We have a really fun activity planned, something quite different....

Happy Easter all,
Pasg Hapus i bawb,

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  1. It is a tropical rainforest up here! ;)
    That house is the one that was available for rent a while back.... only $2,000... a week!!
    Have a great Easter in the olive groves :)
    Dr Dolittle x

  2. That looks like a house that Kevin would be taking us around on Grand Designs - stunning.

  3. That house is way too contemporary for me...I much prefer an old rambling farmhouse BUT those views are amazing and definitely somewhere I could envision living :)

  4. I love the views of the area. Beautiful!

    Wow, that is some house! Definitely too over the top for our tastes, but always interesting to see the way other people live. I could never buy or sell a house by auction - that would make me crazy!

  5. Congratulations ;) You have received a 'Versatile Blogger Award'. If you choose to accept it, head on over to my blog ~ Potsy Mummy xx

  6. Wow what a house! It's not to my taste - too modern, but what a fabulous location. Have a lovely time with your family and a very Happy Easter, love Linda x

  7. Fab Location Beth, but not old enough for us!!! Not enough renovating, could always knock it down and start again hehe!! Have lovely Easter, our weather has been so fab this week, fingers x it lasts the weekend, got 17 for lunch Sunday?! Enjoy lots of love Al & Wendy xxxxx

  8. Lovely pics! Beautiful views! Glad you added your link at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays!

  9. Great house, have a Happy and blessed Easter.


  10. Impressive views for sure. Happy Easter.

  11. Gosh, that's incredible! I love the pool. Happy Easter.. Rachaelxx

  12. Happy Easter Beth, that's definitely an amazing house. I'm sure your marvelling at the different architecture in Australia, just as I am here in England and Wales. It's interesting to see different styles isn't it. I especially love in and around Brisbane, the old Queenslanders...would love to live in one and hope to one day if and when we retire to QLD. Robx

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