Wednesday, 4 May 2011

'are fairies really real?'

Do you believe in fairies?

There have been a number of challenging questions in this house these last few months.
 Some questions I'm afraid to admit I have skimmed over.  There has been some toe dipping into the reproduction topic and somehow I've handled these questions without a flinch. However, when it came to "are fairies really real?" I stumbled and struggled!

During our lovely Easter weekend break olive picking in the Tamworth Valley (here) the topic of fairies came up again. The children that we were with started telling Sibs about The Fairy Dell next to the olive groves. Each time these children visit, the fairies that live and work there leave them small gifts and treasures.
When there are humans around, the fairies will be as still as stone, but once the humans are out of sight they play and prepare for visitors.

One of the children told Sibs that he would wish and pray that night that if the fairies would leave gifts that they would also leave something for her. What sweetness!

Next morning with eyes wide with anticipation we all took a trek to The Fairy Dell...

I want to hold onto these special moments of Sibs's childhood. The sheer pleasure in her face when she realised that the fairies had listened to that wish and prayer and also left her a treasure....even though she had never been to the Fairy Dell before...

"They've left something for me too! How did they know I would be here?"


Yesterday after school we visited the local library and I quietly noticed that one of the books in Sibs's basket was a story about fairies...I guess that the question has been answered for now...

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  1. How lovely. I love the innocence of children

  2. Just love that story Beth. In our house we often quote the line from the Peter Pan movie,"I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!)You've got to prolong that innocence and blind faith as long as possible. Yes you should look in to growing your own flowers. Are you familiar with Wild Acre blog? A commercial flower grower in the south of England, her recent article on Alliums has me drooling. Love Linda x

  3. Oh, so sweet!! My take has always been to answer those questions honestly but a bit vaguely when they're little. Children come out with the sweetest things, don't they?


  4. we should all believe in fairies for as long as we can...

    lovely story...

    melissa x

  5. There is a lot to be said for keeping an open mind on all sorts of things we come up against in life, a lovely post Beth.

  6. Of course fairies are real and I love the fairy dell idea...going to look for some for my garden now!!

  7. Isn't that sweet? I don't think it hurts to believe in faeries :)

  8. Lovely sweet post :) You gotta believe in fairies! Thanks for linking up to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  9. What a little darling, that's such a lovely story - one you'll be glad you documented here. That's where blogs really come into their own, recording all those magical moments that pass so quickly :)

  10. Just found your blog and what a lovely post. I love the idea of fairies and we have a fairy garden set up for my two children plus lots of stories about them which I so enjoy reading to them. G

  11. Ah the innocence of childhood....I've tried to keep it in my children for as long as I possibly could :)
    Gorgeous post.

  12. It is this type of precious moment which makes me want to hold my three year old tightly, to childhood as long as possible!