Tuesday, 17 May 2011

new art and etsy

I have had my eyes opened to so many lovely things since starting this blog.

prints from Driftwood Interiors

There are blogs that I read that delight the visual sense with the most gorgeous images and style, there are others that will often reduce me to tears with their insightful writing, and there are some that will make me giggle...There are writers that I imagine live a similar life to mine whilst other blogs that I subscribe to will be enjoying lifestyles that are planets away from mine! Anyway, I digress...back to what I wanted to post about today.

Through this blogging malarkey I have discovered etsy...no, I didn't know what it was either, don't worry!

It is an online space where people can sell their homemade creations. There's clothes, jewellery, art, stationary, well, anything really that someone has crafted and put together. I kept seeing this word etsy on the side bar of some blogs and one day decided to click and venture into the unknown...

If you have a spare few hours...no, make that days...you can get lost in esty! I thought blog hopping was interesting....I've fancied everything from a Mr Darcy proposal tea towel(!) to some wooden boxes and lots in between.

However, one etsy shop kept on finding it's way onto my screen...Driftwood interiors. I had been reading Kerri's Driftwood interiors blog for a while and had taken a liking to her style. There was a space on my wall that was just perfect for some of Kerri's prints so one day, I thought, why don't I just buy myself some? So I did! (I mentioned something to Neil about it being a Mother's Day gift....)

I chose some charcoal sea ferns, seaweed and sea coral prints - and I love them! It was a bit tricky to take a good shot without the reflection of the glass hence the reason that these photos are taken from the side. I think they look simple and elegant and just what I had in mind for that particular wall.

Talking of art, I have an amazing acrylic canvas that a friend and work colleague painted for me a couple of years ago that hung on that particular wall. It's very striking, but never quite fitted the space. I have moved it above the fireplace for now. I suppose the traditionalist in me figured that a fireplace mantle needed a mirror....and as I have been unable to find one that I like, maybe I should push my ideas out a little and see...?

any opinons...?
keep in this spot or continue with the mirror hunt?

11 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Oh, you are a sweetie, aren't you? Thanks so much for posting about my artwork, and so glad you like your new prints - I'm so happy to have sent some your way! Love your abstract too btw. Oh, and you're right about losing yourself in Etsy...I could spend hours just looking through all of the lovely things over there. Gorgeous. K xx

  2. I love your new prints!

    And love Etsy - I used to sell my handmade dresses on there. Definitely a fun place to shop through so much talent.


  3. Your prints look fabulous in that spot and also the painting. I don't adhere to the mirror over the fireplace thing - I think lots of things look great over a mantel.
    I soooooooo love Etsy! So much talent and cool stuff. I've bought some real treasure off it. It is a much friendlier space than Ebay I've found :)

  4. leave the print above the fireplace, looks lovely. Also love etsy, check out Rob Ryan paper cuts...amazing!Love your new pictures too. Going to go and browse now and your fault if i'm there all dayxx Sian

  5. What lovely etsy finds! I'm a bit of an etsy addict, so I can completely relate to spending hours getting lost looking at all the amazing things on there! - Melissa x

  6. Oh bravo, Beth. Kerri is such a talent and I plan to buy some of her delightful goodies very soon. As for Etsy, well, you've seen my favourites in my sidebar - I adore it! J x

  7. Hi Beth,
    How lovely. Beautiful prints, what a treat! I haven't tried etsy yet. Think it would be too dangerous for me! Have a great week. Emma.

  8. Loving those Beth, and the print over the fire, jury is out about the mirror?!? Never heard of etsy but will be finding out, is it an aussie thing?

  9. Sorry Beth the above was me!!! Wendy xx

  10. Beth,
    Your prints are gorgeous, and look great lined up together. Kerri has such beautiful print.
    I think your painting above the fireplace looks great. I'd probably prefer to warm myself by the fire looking at a painting than a mirror, or my reflection.

  11. The prints are lovely Beth, I like your painting above the fireplace, but I do have rather a penchant for mirrors. Love Linda x