Sunday, 26 June 2011

School holidays through the eyes of a child

The school holidays have started here, two glorious weeks of freedom.

We have decided to stay local and holiday from home.

There are plenty of things on our list that we would like to do but it feels great not to have too much planned. These two weeks will be a time to re-charge the batteries, catch up with friends and spend time enjoying ourselves. I'm looking forward to slowing down, ditching the usual routine and I will strive to spend as much time as I can just enjoying living in the present, and having fun.
I'm taking my inspiration from Nikki Gemmel and her book 'Why you are Australian'
and from my girl Sibs...who seems to be able to find the simple fun in most things.

This is Friday afternoon watching the Queensland Reds rugby team train after school.
As her dad watched the rugby Sibs decided that it would be a bit more fun to do rolly-poley down the hill and swing on some bars.

On Saturday morning she chilled at home.

and managed to find plenty to do.

On Saturday afternoon she smiled all the way through her dance lesson ,

and even enjoyed a quick dash to the supermarket.

I may not quite take a ride on the supermarket trolley these holidays, but I will be making the most of them.

Happy times...

8 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Enjoy the lazy days, they are gold aren't they? We just had 3 weeks off - a week in Melbourne followed by two s.l.o.w weeks at home. Perfect!

  2. Yah for school holidays! 2 weeks off for me as well. I am soo looking forward to the break. I hope you both have a wonderful holiday at home! ;)Sharyne

  3. I love her attitude, she is a lovely happy girl!

  4. Love that first photo Beth. Sibs is great! Enjoy your holidays, love Linda x

  5. I'm just imagining you jumping on a trolley and careering down the aisle in the local supermarket! Pensioners beware!!!

  6. If you see a mad woman riding a trolley through Woolies, that's me. Looks like such fun... all of it! gxo

  7. Oh, Beth, you've really captured Sibs' essence here, I feel. Clever you! She seems so full of life. Just gorgeous. J x

  8. Well our holiday is only a week away Beth so will take on board your thoughts and drink in the beautiful scenery "The Rocky Mountains and the rest of What Vancouver can offer us, So ready for a chill out, I Know its a long drive but it's different sort of travelling. Sibs looks so grown up and not a care in the world, long may it stay like that. Wendy xxxxxx