Monday, 15 August 2011

If you can't beat them...

....join them!

Usually when my lovelies venture to the water for the weekend I find excuses to stay at home...
I have admitted before that I am not the biggest fan of sand.

When they returned from their last trip, they made me promise that I would go with them next time...
This weekend was that  'next time'.

 Considering that it's still Winter it was actually a glorious weekend, but when the sun took a rest behind a cloud it did get a little chilly. So I packed for every eventuality - lots of layers; changes of clothes; novel; magazines; snacks; toiletries to open a chemist....I think the invitation for me to join them was re-considered! They usually throw whatever they can see in the hallway on the way to the car and they are away!

When we got there though the time was spent relaxing, playing, and catching up with family.

considering whether to join in ...oh, go on then!

a little afternoon snack

tawny frogmouths keeping a sleepy eye on us

"I can't go home until I've caught something!"

With such lovely places as this on our doorstep it's time to re-think my sand aversion...

2 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Hi Beth
    What a beautiful day you had, food, family and then those frogmouths (they are new to me, thanks for sharing)


  2. Hi are so right, I think that sand aversion just has to go, especially with so many family moments at stake! That platter is fit for a king.