Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Camp Story By Sibs!!!

Hello I am  Sibs,
My mum has let me write something and I am going to tell you about my first ever camp that I went on a couple of weeks ago.

The morning walk!
 On the year 4's morning walk we saw lots of interesting stuff like a dance hall where on a Sunday people would go there to dance.       
 I spotted lots of old fashion houses and lots of beautiful things that I knew mum would like as well.

We saw a little shed with a banner saying "the shed" .  

 Then we saw the most exciting bit of all!.................
We saw a 300 year old tree that was still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I  took pictures of lots of things to show my mum.

      Our last activity was the pottery!!!   It was very interesting .The lady showed us a machine that was called "wheel" ......     she  got some white clay and made it in to a glass or a vase!!!    We each got a turn of making the glass taller, bigger, smaller , thinner or fatter.

On the way back I  saw a little shelter with  a rooster on top with a N S W E  on the rooster.

You have to look closely at the top of the rotunda to see it!!
We also saw what happened to it when the floods wrecked the city!

    We loved making our boomerangs.!!!  I got a boomerang with a crocodile on it. I painted it with my finger! I have got it on my kitchen wall!

I hope you liked my information , goodbye for now.
(All photographs by Sibs.)

FROM SIBS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Hi Sibs..I bet your Mum wishes she was with you to see all of those great things. That tree was amazing..it was even older than me!

  2. What a wonderfull story xxx



  3. Sibs that was really lovely, you sound to have had a great time. Was the rooster like any of our chicken's We have a very hansome cockerel now, he hasn't starting crowing yet but i'm sure he will. Lots of love Al & Wendy

  4. Oh, Sibs, I just loved all your tales. I would have loved to try making some pottery - it looks like such fun. Lucky you! J x

  5. Well done Sibs, that was great information and lovely pictures too. I remember doing pottery at school, I really enjoyed it, but I wasn't much good at it. Your mum was good to let you tell your story. So glad you had a good time, love Linda x

  6. Hi Sibs,
    I really enjoyed you taking us on this camptour, lovely photo's, and I love the typewriter. Sure your mama is very proud of you, thanks for this post,

  7. Hi Sibs,

    Thanks for sharing your camp adventures - you write very well.
    I like trees, and that old tree was a stunning specimen; I believe it's a Moreton Bay Fig. The pottery wheel looked like heaps of fun!

    Bet you're looking forward to school hoidays. Have fun.

  8. Hello Sibs
    Your describe this all so beautifully.
    You certainly are highly observant and no doubt you had a wonderful time.
    Those images are marvelous
    Thank you for this beautiful post
    Helen xx