Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Getting excited about new doors (!)

What's been going on around here lately...

The painter isn't coming until next week,
the new pots haven't been bought yet,
the place is still a bit rough around the edges...
but I am already in love with my new doors and deck!
(Oh dear, do I need a life??)

Do you remember the rather unfortunate incident with my foot and the cane toad? (here)
Well in a rather drastic measure to make sure that it was a never to be repeated incident - the mulch and plants around the spare clothes line had to go! The critter was hiding in that greenery just under the window.

On a slightly more serious note, the window in the guest room has always called out to be a door...
The morning sun streams through and the sub tropical back garden behind was just being quietly ignored.

(I know that I should have an 'after' photo of the doors open...I'll get around to it when it's all finished.)

What started out as just replacing the windows with doors, became a slightly bigger job when we decided to add a small deck rather than just a step. Once the door was in it was obvious that a continuous floor level was what was needed.

Can't wait to finish it off!
Any suggestions on plants/pots/ideas etc gratefully received...

Just to finish off the whole update - another change occurring just off the dining area.

Again, some paintwork to be completed, but already we are getting the full benefit during this week's 30 degree heatwave that has signalled the start of Spring here!

These are not new doors just the old ones recycled.

The plans of the house has them drawn in as windows but the original owners must have changed their mind at some point and decided on doors. However, the doors were sliding ones, with one door only opening about a third of the way.

Our very clever joiner managed to chop a bit off here, add a bit there and produced exactly what we wanted. He then built a huge step out that extends way past the width of the doors that doubles up as a bit of a bench seat.

We had to have them opening in as the door from the laundry is just to the right. I actually quite like them opening in as it makes a picture feature of the outside.

School holidays here, so lots of exciting things planned.

Loving it all!

12 Comments and thoughts:

  1. lovely new doors...I am envious because we have a very similar situation (without the toads!) of a wall facing out to our pool which is begging to have a door put in! We'll save eventually to get it done!! Best wishes

  2. Fantastic, Beth.
    I love French doors
    and the sunshine
    will really be streaming
    in with these beauties!
    xx Suzanne

  3. All looking very lovely Beth, sooo jealous of your weather, grey gets very boring after a while!! Just decorating our gaff but certainly not having door for streaming sunshine, more like new inner walls re/insulated to make the house warmer. I know we live at base camp to K2 so no surprises its so cold!! Hope you all well lots of love Al, Wend and all at "The Farm" xxxxxx

  4. Hi Beth,
    I just finished reading your article about your move to Oz, lovely to read it like this! Also I LOVE your header photo! I can sit and look at it for a while, hoping that someday I can walk with my two feet in Oz's sandy beaches....
    Anyhoo, the doors are so much better, great job with the deck added to the house. I wouldn't have thought about this, looking forward to see the end photo's.
    Enjoy the rest of the week,
    Maureen x

  5. Love your new header and the deck looks fantastic. Great to be able to swing open those doors and bring the outside in. I would be putting some pots of bromeliads out there - verigated neos would look beautiful and they would just love the early morning sunlight. Yah for school holidays - I have heaps of projects on the go as well! ;)Sharyne

  6. What a great improvement! I do love me some French doors. It looks like being a lively spit to sit and relax.

  7. Great improvements Beth, looking fabulous. I love french doors and the deck. Enjoy the school holidays. ;-)

  8. Great reno..it opens up the space wonderfully! I suppose you'd be planting non-frog-loving species of flora in those pots!

  9. I'm a firm believer in every bedroom door opening up onto the back garden! It's looking fantastic. The deck makes perfect sense and any guest can have some private time on their own private deck. Can I come and test it out as a first guest when it's all done? Just to make sure, you know ;-)

  10. Just magic, Beth! What a transformation that is. You won't know yourself with all that sunlight flooding in! J x

  11. Beth, that looks wonderful. Such a lovely addition to that side of the house. xx

  12. You're doing a great job - I love doors that connect indoors to outdoor spaces. So perfect for warm climates. It's looking really beautiful. My next house will have the indoor/outdoor flow - I had it in my previous home, and living without that, has highlighted how much I like that style, and miss it!