Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Happy little campers

Hi di hi, ho di ho - Good morning campers!

As it's school hols we have taken off for a few days to explore some of this vast country that we now call home.

I'm 'mobile blogging' this morning and my ipad keeps telling me that I don't have the latest version of this, that and the other so I'll see how it goes...

Anyhow, we did our usual five minute pack and out the driveway with a "shall we turn left or right?" attitude, and we have found ourselves on the coast in central Queensland.

We have seen a glorious sunset over the water in Tin Can Bay, watched the gliders land on the sand at Rainbow Beach, seen dolphins looking for breakfast, Sibs has ridden a camel(!), been to an education Water Park, visited the Bunderburg Ginger Beer factory and today we are on the way to a place called Seventeen Seventy.

We need these kind of holidays. They're a chance to re-charge batteries and re-connect with each other.

These kind of holidays make me realise that we're a good team....

There are no rules (well apart from the fun ones), and the three of us just click. No big discussions about what we're doing or where we're going. Just a tentative plan and the trusty 'Lonely Planet' guide book to give us some suggestions.

I love the fact that we go to bed early, each of us with our noses in a book and we wake up at dawn nose to nose...that's special.

I love the way that we fall into taking on certain jobs. Sibs volunteering to wash up is a real novelty!

I love the casual chats that we have whilst driving and the simple made up games that we play.
(although I have to admit to getting a little bit over 'I spy' after the fiftieth time!

The other two are having a swim in the sea as I type and I'm doing a bit of people watching, then we'll head off for a coffee before hitting the road again.

Go to love school holidays...

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Lovely post Beth, and well done you for doing it from your phone, I'm well impressed. I just loved this little insight into your family, and so related to it as we are a threesome too, and Lois and Sibs are around the same age. A happy family life is all you need. God Bless,Linda x

  2. Just perfect Beth, these are indeed the best times. Your outlook is so true, the younger generation need to look and learn from us old romantics!! Spent yesterday afternoon and this morning with the "grandkids"" God how old!! But had the best time.
    Lots of love Wend xxx

  3. We used to Love camping holidays when the girls were young so relaxing. Have fun exploring,

  4. Hi Beth

    Such an adventure and how lovely you are all in harmony.
    Have the best time