Thursday, 1 September 2011

School camp

Off to school camp...

with the biggest suitcase she could find,
a pink handbag,
dark sunglasses
and a water bottle.

What else could she want?

Maybe the cat?!

'Do you think anyone will notice?'

He sneaked in to the suitcase whilst we were in the middle of packing
and decided that he too might want a little adventure!

Watching the children at school this morning in all their excitement was a wonderful thing.
Lots of screaming, hugs and waving goodbyes.
The energy level was incredible and their laughter and smiles infectious.
I wonder what they will be like when they return?
The house is very quiet tonight.
There's just the patter of paws and an occasional whimper as the cat goes searching for his friend.
He really misses Sibs when she's not here....and so do I.
My consolation is that there was a gorgeous note left on my pillow, filled with kisses and hearts.
I'm sure she'll find the little note that I wrote to her that I put in her wash bag...
This is such a time of building memories...

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Rhiannon went to camp last year and loved it. Only last night at dinner she was recounting stories of the fun they got up to. It was very quiet when she was gone. I'm sure it will be wonderful when she returns bursting with stories for you and hugs for the cat!

  2. And she's off....
    This is only the
    beginning of the
    those tiny steps
    away from the nest.
    Looks like she had
    a wonderful b-day
    and the soccer post
    was soooo cute; she's
    really a doll. Our
    Gracie dog always
    jumps in the suitcase,
    too! Hope you've had
    a wonderful week, girlie!
    xx Suzanne

  3. I love the fact you wrote each other little notes :)

  4. I had to have a little giggle at the pink handbag..that's a first for me! She is such a sweetie knowing her mum would miss her and writing a note..too cool.