Monday, 28 November 2011

Beauty here...and there.

Fancy a quick tour of my old place?

North Yorkshire

A few things have crossed my path recently that have made me think of my 'old home'. I don't think I'm missing it terribly, but I was just reminded how beautiful the countryside is and how different the landscape is to the one that I see here in Australia.

The other week there was a program on TV catching up with The Calendar Girls 10 years on. If you have heard of the movie "The Calendar Girls", you might now that is was filmed in the Yorkshire Dales. In fact, the village was a few minutes up the road from where I used to live.

Basically it's the story of a group of women who belonged to the WI (Women's Institute) and got together to raise money for the Leukemia charity after the husband of one was diagnosed with the disease. Sadly, he passed away and the women then go ahead to fund-raise by doing a nude calendar. It's all in very good taste of course!
It's a funny and emotional movie and depicts rural life at its best and showcases the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales.

Bolton Abbey

This was my back yard for a big chunck of my adult life and I used to drive around the lanes avoiding the horse muck, the little rabbits and the tractors...

North Yorkshire

When you're immersed in it I don't think you really see it for what it is.


Now that I have been wasting a lot of time browsing through old photos this afternoon, I see the tranquility rather than the obstacles. (Rose coloured specs and all that....)


I have always noticed the sense of 'newness' in Australia. I know that the land has been occupied for thousands of years, yet the developed country just feels so young. That does have its advantages in that there is a feeling that you can do anything here, and be anyone.
Yet, I do miss the history that Britain offers - the buildings that have been there for hundreds of years, the architecture, the old churches and castles...


The other movie that made me think of home was "The Trip".This was released in Australia a few moths ago and even though I planned to go and see it, somehow it just never happened. So on Saturday night we sat down with the DVD and I absolutely loved it! It's a very British film and the two main characters are Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. I'm not sure how well known they are outside of the UK?

The story follows the two friends as they travel around the north of England sampling some fine cuisine from different restaurants. It sub-plots their relationship with each other and with other people, but I almost forgot about that part as I was concentrating on watching the countryside.


A lot of the filming is done when they're driving and we were noticing all the turns in the road, recognising things like the petrol stations and even some of the houses that they drove past!

Lake District

So I have indulged a little this afternoon and had a look through some photos that we took whilst visiting home last year and just before we emigrated. (Thank goodness most of the photos are stored away otherwise I would not have written anything I would still be clicking away and reminiscing!)


 But just as I look back and remember the beauty of the rolling hills in the dales I also have to think about what is on my new doorstep...

Not bad....not at all bad is it?

South West Rocks

I guess the best thing is to appreciate both and to get my dose of 'old home' every now and again.

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  1. Hi Beth, thanks for your comments, I'm glad you enjoyed my tour and yes I did get to Wales and will post soon...I just love your photos of truly is a beautiful place...if it wasn't for family back home and the woeful lack of a decent summer, I could stay here forever. Well that's what I was thinking till I saw the photo of South West Rocks...I really do miss Oz and it's beautiful beaches.....Robx

  2. A gorgeous and insightful post, Beth. Thanks for the sweet indulgence. Mr PB studied at Newcastle-upon-Tyne for a year so I've had a brief scoot around those pretty dales. Now I want to hop on a plane! J x

  3. It's always a little hard for the first generation to leave a country, thank goodness it's much easier for our kids. It's not that we don't love being here, we just love there as well...and there's always the rose coloured specs to try on for the place we're not at presently. You certainly came from a very picturesque place, the pics are gorgeous.

  4. I hear ya Beth! My in-laws are in Filey so we know all about that part of the country. We crossed it during winter one year and the views and stone villages are breathtaking. Stunning pics! Also loved seeing the Heather fields en-route to Whitby. Rob2 x

  5. Oh Beth- I have always seen the Dales in that light- we are in love with Yorkshire- as I'm sure I've told you's on our doorstep and it is as beautiful as all your treasured photos show it- even covered in snow! We've loved the North for 4 years now- in all it's seasons- and we feel truly blessed!

    Like Rob though- the last photo of South West Rocks did make my heart leap and I smiled whilst thinking of those plane tickets ready for Dec 20!!

    Melissa (Miss Sew & So)

  6. Beth I am only coming to realise after five years that I never really appreciated NZ for what it takes being away from it to realise.
    Australia is such a contrast to my country of birth but there is also so much good that surrounds me.
    I have never been to day hopefully as I have always been drawn to the rich history that is there. I really love the look of your old home, it's breathtaking :)

  7. Lovely photos Beth, even more flattered our garden was amongst them!! Very bleak here at the moment, but still love it. Funny though all your pictures from Australia make me want to be there as well. Keep doing the lottery and maybe one day??!! Hopefully camper in the new year and see what Europe has to offer. Lots of love Wenders xxxx

  8. Beth, it's a pleasure reading your inspiring story. I also appreciate both " worlds"', the childhood memories of Europe and my new home in Canada and I consider myself lucky to have all that richness . Your photos are amazing . I remember enjoying The Calendar Girls a couple of years ago , but I have to see " The Trip ". Thank you for your visit and kind comment .

  9. These are beautiful photos my sweet daughter in-law is from England and has shared some special places with us. Looking at these I can see why you could get a little home sick. I hope you have a lovely day.

    Always Wendy

  10. Such a contrast - both beautiful!

  11. ...or maybe just to appreciate where you are right then and there! life gets so busy so fast, i have a hard time remembering this. your photos are stunning and i am so glad to be visiting here. i also love to travel, and was in england one time, many, many years ago. your photos took me back in a heartbeat. thank-you!! so lovely

  12. I am visiting from Privet and Holly. (sweet Suzanne). I loved reading about your home. I would miss that.

    Calendar Girls is one of my favorite movies. I love the relationships between the woman.


  13. Not bad? Absolutely delightfully beautifully green and lovely, I'd say! Going back now for another peek... gxo

  14. We have the Calender Girls DVD and I've enjoyed this movie several times. The scenery is beautiful in the movie. I love the idea of living in a quaint English village rather than skipping through quickly on holidays.
    Beth you come from a gorgeous part of the world and I'd certainly miss it as well but it's wonderful you love your new home too.

  15. B L O O M
    where you are planted,
    my mom always said,
    when we moved with
    my dad's job to various
    parts of the States. Although,
    I do think that certain places
    just feel more like "you" than
    others, don't you think?
    I loved The Calendar Girls
    and now I want to rent it,
    again {or maybe buy it}! I
    am also going to try and find
    The Trip. Your pictures are
    gorgeous and I SO enjoyed
    looking through them, with
    you. Thanks for joining me
    around the water cooler for
    {Monday} Moments, Beth!

    xx Suzanne

  16. I have loved reading and viewing this post! Your descriptions are wonderful and I so identify with making a change and missing the old but appreciating the new. My change was not as dramatic as yours but I did grow up in a more countryside area of New England and now live on the west coast in Santa Monica near the ocean. I love and appreciate them both. I also loved the movie Calendar Girls.
    I am visiting from lovely Suzanne at Privet and Holly.