Thursday, 1 December 2011

December 1st happenings

BIG day today....

Mr Movember losing his mo.
firstly...the mo is no more!

After a month of doing a second take when glancing at my husband with his Movember moustache
I'm now looking at a clean shaved version.
(I think I like this one better).

By growing a moustache and doing a sponsored run, Neil has raised $400 for Prostate Cancer Research and Beyond Blue charity and Sibs and I are proud of him .

However, when you're a nine year old the disappearance of your dad's moustache is not as important as the fact that you get to open the first door of the advent calendar.

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Our advent calendar was bought by my mother when Sibs was a baby and each year since we have been dusting it off and filling it with little treasures in the countdown to Christmas day.

Every day will contain a little note and some lucky days there will also be a sweet treat.

This year for the first time, Sibs wanted to write the notes.

I will usually mix them up with some notes that will be 'receiving notes' - "you can decide what is for dessert tonight", and other notes that are 'giving' notes - "you have to say something nice to someone
 today". I wonder what notes Sibs will write? She has already told us that she has to open certain days!

The third big thing for today was putting up the tree .

Now it wouldn't be Christmas without the mangle of Christmas tree lights that don't work !

This year was no exception...

Two sets of lights and not one twinkle between them!

They were carefully stored in a neat way, they did work this time last what happened?

Anyway, the Christmas Choral CD was played, the scented candle was lit and we set about filling our tree with decorations from years gone by. I'm sure like many of you, each little bauble, each little wooden figure holds a memory. I try and buy a decoration when we take a holiday somewhere and this year even Sibs joined in with the "I remember when we bought this one..."  conversation.

So here we already in December....

It still feels odd sitting here with a Christmas tree without a roaring fire and instead the doors wide open.
It will always feel different, but I think I'm starting to get used to it.

Happy December.

8 Comments and thoughts:

  1. I love your idea with the advent calendar (I remember it from last year!), so I've done something a bit different with ours this year. I found a lovely German book with a selection of songs, stories and recipes, accompanied with a jigsaw on each page. The 'elves' have hidden the jigsaw pieces in the advent calendar and I'm pleased to say that both boys were excited by it! Next challenge is to read the stories to them in my rather poor German!!

  2. Another great idea for Advent CalendarI have seen a couple of great ideas for Advent Calendar today in blogworld. You are all so talented. I have enjoyed my visit to your place and will follow on my way out and hope you will come visit me and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. Good on your hubby raising so much money.
    I plan on putting up our tree tomorrow. I had to chuckle about not having a body fire etc because it's so cold down here in tassie at the moment we need a fire!

  4. Well done to you hubby for his part in Movember!

    Love your advent calendar Beth and thankfully we didn't have any dramas with our Xmas lights this year like we normally do.


  5. I haven't yet hauled out our Chrissy lights so I do hope they behave.
    Great work in the fund raising department..well done.

  6. Well done Neil, and well done you on the calendar front, hate all the commercial ones stuffed with chocolate, looses all its meaning. Our tree not going up till next week, have tested the lights though and they do work!! Have got the fire, sorry Beth but so cold up here and wet, Hope to speak to you soon Wenders xxxxx

  7. Hi Beth, oh I am sure Sibs is beginning to get very excited now. I like the idea of the little notes in the Advent. What is it with those pesky christmas tree lights? My tree is a mish- mash of styles and decorations collected over the years, but like you we love it and are rather sentimental when everything is unpacked.Many thanks for your kind comments about my cupboard. Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  8. Love your advent calendar you sure have been busy my friend, it is a special part of christmas getting everything ready, Hope you have a great day my friend.

    Always Wendy