Sunday, 8 January 2012

a day by the river

There is so much of this city that we have yet to explore.
fishing on the river at Nudgee
So last week to make the most of the Christmas and New Year holiday we took off with brother in law and sis in law, plus kayak strapped to the roof of the car, plus picnic and headed to Nudgee Beach where the river meets the sea. Even Neil took some well earned holiday!

Sibs was keen to try out her new Christmas fishing rod and life jacket so this was a great opportunity to get out and spend some time in the sunshine. It struck me that I very rarely, if ever sit in the sun. I lathered myself in factor 30+, donned a wide brimmed hat and sunnies and caught a few rays....just a few...enough to leave a very distinctive Birkenstock pattern on my feet! (oops, forgot to smother my toes in lotion).

Lesson one Sibs is to wait for the instructor!

"is this how I hold it?"

Sibs and her uncle had a great time kayaking across the water and they spent some time fishing from a sand bank. I had the binoculars on them at one stage and could just about see that Sibs was ballet dancing across the sand whilst uncle seemed to be doing all the fishing!

We watched the numerous dogs and owners having fun throwing balls and sticks into the water - it made me want a dog...

The chicken wing that they placed in the crab net seemed to attract a few small fish - but nothing worth keeping for tea - We had to call back at the fish shop to get some snapper fillets to cook on the bbq.

Oh the joy and freedom...
School holidays... carefree and fun.
Filled with long lazy days in the sun where time doesn't matter.

This weekend we have had a wonderful time exploring the city with family and extended family from interstate (just typing that word 'interstate' makes me feel Australian!)
I'll download my photos and during the week I'll share some of the sights of Brisbane by night.

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  1. Oh Beth, it's your turn to make me homesick...I could do with some sun and sea and that carefree feeling at the beginning of January, when you know that for the whole month there is no school, just sun and balmy evenings....
    I'm heading home for a visit in a month, and will visit Yeppoon for 6 days...can't wait! Robx
    p.s. I'm gonna blind them all with my white body!

  2. Morning Beth,
    I wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2012! Just read the posts I have missed here, so great to read them back to back, missing the sun here so lurking at yours is all I can do, enjoy the weather and I'm glad we've met here in blog land, hugs, Maureen

  3. oh, and your husband in that hula skirt, too cute! Also loved your post about going to your girls' school just in time to see her, as a mama I know what you mean, thanks for sharing it!

  4. Family days such as this are truly special. Keep smothering the sun block on Beth, you won't regret it and your skin will thank you.

  5. Beautiful photos! Greetings from Ireland on a grey damp Sunday!!

  6. "oh the joy and freedom" indeed - summer holidays by the water are a kind of perfection in my opinion. I feel like jumping in a kayak right now!

  7. There was so much that we missed out on in living there for 2 years but we are heading back for a holiday soon and I am actually rather excited about it :)