Monday, 16 April 2012

Aracnophobics look away!

I know I keep mentioning it - but this time of year is just perfect weather in Brisbane.

It's ideal for walking as you don't have the blazing sun on your head.

However, the spiders are out! 

We decided to go for a walk last week just down by the creek, and this is what we saw...dare you to join me?

Golden Orb,  Brisbane

A common species of local spider is the Golden Orb Weaver.
The males are very small so the ones that we saw guarding their webs were female. Their abdomens were probably about 3-4 cm, but they looked so much larger...Fortunately they are non-venomous.

Golden Orb, Brisbane

One advantage of large spiders is that you can see them whilst walking.

The Golden Orb Weavers have pretty spectacular webs too. It's a really strong web and I have had the very unfortunate experience of walking straight through one. Well, actually walking through isn't quite correct...I got tangled and bounced back! They often weave their webs just at head height so you have to be on the lookout. When you see local walkers ducking for no apparent reason they've spotted one!

Golden Orb, Brisbane

When the sun catches the web it's easy to see how these spiders got their name.
As it was a glorious Autumn afternoon, the sun was just perfect for taking photos.
The next photo is my favourite (If you can have a favourite spider photo!)
and shows off the gold colour of the weave perfectly.

Golden Orb and web, Brisbane

This particular walk was taking quite a bit longer than planned as I was stopping every few metres to take photos. Those spiders were everywhere!

Golden Orb, Brisbane

Some of us weren't quite so enthralled with the spiders...

and decided that messing around on the scooter was much more fun. That is until a tumble occured.
Quick cuddle, kiss it better and we were off again.

All back to normal this week as the Easter school holidays are over.
We have had a lovely couple of weeks just slowing down the pace of life and catching up.

4 Comments and thoughts:

  1. I'm okay with most spiders except for the black chunky ones and anything hairy!! These are rather interesting and you have to admire their work. Lovely pics too :)

  2. Nothing worse than walking face first into a spiders web...not one of my favourite things! Lovely photos Beth...if a spider could possibly be beautiful, you nailed it (but I'm not convinced). I'm off for a walk around the village and through the woods now...and I don't have to worry about watching where I'm walking!! Have a great week. Robx

  3. The photos are fabulous but I am a little envious of your perfect weather it has turned so cold here again with a bitter northerly wind since Easter!

  4. I've heard of stopping
    to smell the roses, but
    stopping to admire the
    spiders....?! Just kidding
    you, those are some
    amazing shots of some
    amazing spiders! Glad
    you had some relaxing
    weeks over your Easter

    xo Suzanne