Thursday, 26 April 2012

An epic run...and a little one!

I recently came across the story of an amazing young man who is doing an extreme challenge - an epic run.
He is running 50 miles a day for 50 days. (That's 80km!)

Sam running around Embsay Reservoir
(Photo by Paula Solloway)

Sam Boatwright is currently running 2,500 miles around Great Britain raising money for a charity called Help for Heroes. He has a webpage HERE and a Facebook page HERE where you can follow his run and catch updates on his progress. He is planning to finish on May 25th in his home town, which incidentally is where I lived before the move to Australia.

See the  photo above? I used to go walking there on a Sunday afternoon - I posted about it once HERE

Embsay reservoir Oct 2006

It's pretty amazing what Sam is hoping to achieve.
He says that the messages of support that he's getting is what is keeping him going.
 I think you also have to have a certain mental strength to keep going through that kind of challenge...
I wish him all the luck and strength.
Just on the subject - I recently signed up for a challenge.
Nothing like in Sam's league! Nothing too drastic...(small steps, small steps!)

It's called the Global Corporate Challenge which is a 16 week virtual walking journey around the world. I will be donning my pedometer and recording the number of steps that I take on a daily basis and then letting the computer work out how many kilometers I cover in a day. It's a team challenge so plenty of motivation to keep it up.

Now that the weather is cooling a little it's time to get back out there!
You know the line..."I'm just too busy". I have been hiding behind this excuse for a while.
The other one is " I'm at work three days a week...".

It's just an husband can either run or cycle to his work, or on the days that he drives he will pop out during his lunch break for a 10k run...just for some fresh air!

It's about re-prioritising and finding the time isn't it?

 A bit hard hitting....but makes you think.

My little challenge starts on May 24th - I'll keep you posted.

If you want to keep posted on Sam's challenge and encourage him to keep going
then pop on over to say hello  HERE, and if he's passing through your town - give him a wave.

2 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Good luck Beth, it is easy to make excuses but exercise really should be a priority shouldn't it? Now if only I could find the time. xx

  2. Hi Beth,
    just commented on the house post, good luck on the 24th!
    Maureen x