Monday, 21 May 2012


Good morning Monday.
 Let's get those bedroom doors open and let that glorious Autumnal sunshine in.

I'm a little chirpier than I was this time last week post school fete and in the middle of the visa fiasco!
 (You might want to read my last post HERE to catch up on the visa story)

Thank you for the messages and comments - Neil is safely back on Australian golden soil
and number one job for the week is to sort out Australian citizenship!

(Now I have to be on my best behaviour this week as my blog is being featured on The Decorating Forum HERE...Pretty exciting stuff!

I joined this forum a while back and dip in to view and read about some pretty amazing renovations, builds and gorgeous interiors and get some great hints and tips. It's not just about decorating though, there are sections on topics such as travel, kids and books. Well worth a visit HERE)

So back to this citizenship thing...

I'm finding it really tricky to put into words how I've been feeling about it...

I love living in Australia, really love it.

My girl is having the kind of upbringing that I would have dreamed up for her.

We embrace the opportunities that have come our way.

We celebrate being free to live here.

Australia day celebrations

I feel very fortunate to have fabulous friendships and a job that I can truly say I enjoy.
Sounds pretty much like we've settled to me?

Our long term planning involves being in Australia and no-where else, so what's been wrong with me?
Why have I been delaying making our life here "official"?

I guess the closest explanation that I can give is the analogy of the couples who make a commitment to each other in every way, yet decide that they will not marry....

That's how I think I've been  feeling about taking Australian citizenship.
... Everything is good, so why change it?

So even though it's been on a mental list for a little while, it never moved to the white board in the study list. (That's when it's serious!) 

Then last week when my complacency was questioned, when Neil was away from Australia and all the worst case scenarios went flying through my mind. Ridiculous I know, but there was a tiny irrational fear thing going on.....! I realised that Australia was more than just where we live.
Australia has become home...and I didn't want anything jeopardising that.

So this morning I'm adding "apply for citizenship" to the white board list.
I'm changing that mental commitment to a recognised one.

Wish me luck with the test!

(I'm also adding - make a decision about new sofas....somehow, I think that could be even harder!!)

12 Comments and thoughts:

  1. so glad you are going to make it official,but I think you are one of us already!

  2. OMGosh I just read the Visa saga. You must have been tearing your hair out - eek!!!. Thank goodness it turned out okay. Definitely a sign that it is time to make this permanent.
    Beth we are so pleased to be featuring you this week on the Decorating Forum.Our readers are going to love your blog:).

  3. Your patio looks very cozy and inviting Beth, the perfect spot for a cuppa.
    Best wishes for your citizenship goal. I realise it's a big step emotionally but probably one to make to ease red tape hassles as well.
    A friend experienced dramas with passport/visa applications etc etc and was muttering how she really should take the plunge.
    Enjoy the week

  4. Hi Beth

    It is an emotional decision becoming a citizen of another country regardless of the advantages. Your Welsh background and what your forefathers stood and fought for must come to mind. I feel it is one of those decisions that fall into the same category as making one's will.

    Wishing you success in your decision
    Helen xx

  5. Hi Beth,
    Your Autums are so sunny, enjoy it on that great deck of yours.
    And I love the analogy, will keep this post in my mind,
    I've got to go, busy week, again, here but I'm enjoying reading along, but I have no time to make posts. Hope your approval will come soon,
    take care,
    Maureen xx

    (btw, on the visa post, I wrote my own name wrong.... honestly, my brain lately...)

  6. Pob lwc gyda'r ddinasyddiaeth Bethan, mae'n amlwg boch ch'ch tri yn hapus iawn yn Awstralia a bo bywyd yn garedig iawn i chi.

    Ond doedd amser Lucy ddoe yn ffantastig? Ni methu credu'r peth!!!

  7. All the best with your visa application for citizenship, I am sure it is the right decision for you even though it is such a major one.

  8. Hi Beth
    Pop over to RRC for details about an award from me to you!

  9. Oh Beth! This is such a momentous decision for you. Lovely. Can you have dual citizenship? J x

  10. Have enjoyed popping into your blog of late.
    It'll never take from who you are really, getting citizenship, it's just where you live now. In your heart you'll always be Welsh. I'm from victoria and now live in NSW - which I don't particularly like- but my husband's job brought us up here, 20 hours from family, but I'm still a Victorian. We are very proud us Victorians you know:-)
    I'm sure dual citizenship might ease the pain a little.
    A lovely blog too

  11. Hi there - my husband (from South Wales too!) is grappling with the same issues here in the States. I don't know how I stumbled on your blog today, but of course I love it. :)

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