Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Delusions of grandeur, and some interesting properties.

I think that in a previous life I was a 'lady of the manor'
I think I was Mrs Darcy...!

I adore old historical buildings and can imagine myself gliding down a wide staircase in a flowing gown...but knowing my luck I would have been the servant rather than the mistress!

We are slightly lacking in old buildings here in Brisbane...So as part of my planning for our next trip home to the UK I thought it would be fun to stay in a stately home or somewhere that has a real sense of history. So this week I have been doing some research and some reminiscing.

See this grand place?

Auchinleck House LINK HERE

I lived here once. 
Actually, it was twice.
 Well, okay, maybe just for a few days...

A group of friends that were spread out across the UK would get together and organise long weekends in amazing properties. The one above is in Scotland and is part of the Landmark Trust. The properties are beautifully restored and preserved and apart from some modern day comforts such as heating and light they are presented close to their original state echoing the colour schemes and furnishings of the period.

The grand living room/library at Auchinleck House

We always had a huge open fire whatever the month. I seem to remember that there was always a scrabble game on the go too, and plenty of milky coffees and hot chocolate following walks in the local countryside. Meal times were real occasions and each couple would take a share in the cooking.

This is another roaring fire in another property in Scotland, on the Isle of Bute. Sibs had her first holiday here when she was 8 weeks old. It was also the place where we said some of our goodbyes to friends during one of the last weekends before we emigrated....there were tears...

The photo above is a typical early evening during one of our get togethers - someone preparing dinner, a baby being fed, dogs under the table, a bottle of champagne, magazines, a novel, lots of catching up...oh, and pink slippers! (it was very relaxing)

I have so many photos of these weekends but they all show lots of people having lots of fun....not so much of the actual properties. I guess, I never thought that I wouldn't continue to keep visiting ....

This is a shot of the dining room from the above house on the Isle of Bute. 
Photo from the The Landmark Trust website - HERE

I'm in deep, serious planning mode now....
I wonder if this castle will be available?

Clytha Castle, Wales
Or maybe this early 18th Century property- Marshal Wade's House,
right in the centre of the city of Bath, overlooking the Abbey?

Marshal Wade's House, Bath
photo link HERE

Too many decisions... There's the flights to book first, but this research is much more fun! I'll have to let you know where we end up choosing. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in finding out more about this organisation and the fabulous properties here's the link The Landmark Trust

It's State of Origin rugby here tonight. (Last year's post about it all - HERE)
I might watch, or I might indulge in a Jane Austen novel....I hear Mr Darcy calling!

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  1. Hey Beth,

    Closer to "home" -

  2. Rofl - Mrs Darcy indeed:).
    What beautiful homes to stay in. I didn't realise they were in such great condition. You have inspired me for a future holiday.
    I can't wait to see which property you choose.

  3. oh my I am green with envy. Your photos have made me want to experience the granduer of it all. Have fun with that planning.

  4. Fab places, Beth fab memories, remember Neil and his feather Boa !!!! None have changed much or been redecorated, so just as you remember them. When you thinking of coming to Uk? xxx Wend

  5. We stayed here - it was amazing, so grand and yet very welcoming, and the grounds were gorgeous.

  6. I can imagine you being Mrs Darcy! Love the photos.

  7. Oh Beth, this is such a delightful post. Thanks for sharing it with the POTMC. YOu lucky duck to have stayed in such grand places. No wonder you can't wait to return - Sibs wil be able to enjoy them so much more as well. Your reference to Mr Darcy made me smile - my maiden name was Darcey ☺. J x