Saturday, 5 May 2012

This and that and updates...

Is it a long weekend where you are? It is here.

We've a few things planned. There's the somewhat usual  routine of dancing class, a birthday party, a sleep over - you know, the usual stuff that occupies a Saturday as a parent of a nine year old.
We have been trawling the recipe books this morning and tonight Neil and I will be trying to recreate a meal from an old favourite French restaurant that we used to go to many moons ago called  'Le Cavaeu'....should be interesting?
Then on Sunday Sibs and I are going to see Annie and we're staying in the city in a hotel by the river. We have been looking forward to this for ages...

Now a few people have been asking for some updates....

Do you remember this gorgeous reno that I posted about a couple of weeks ago? (HERE)

Well it will come as no surprise that it sold before auction (almost as I pressed 'publish' on my blog post!)

Thank you for all the comments and interest - I guess a lot of you loved it too?  Then out of the blue this week I got a lovely email from the builder and he took the trouble to leave a comment on the post. It sounds like he was very involved in the build and the design. Good job done I say!
In case anyone fancies a transformation or a build similar then you should contact AC Western Builders Pty Ltd M: 0411 828 657 - he's the man!

Just another update...
I told you about Sam Boatwright who is doing the 50 miles in 50 days epic run (HERE).

Sam is now over halfway and on the home stretch as it were. He is taking great motivation from the number of people who are supporting him and his friends would love him to get 2,500 'likes' on the epic run facebook page to signify a 'like' for each mile he will run. The link to the page is HERE.

Talking Facebook....I'm just finding my way with it. I have had a personal page for a while now and enjoy keeping up with friends from back home, and I'm just getting into the page that I've set up for the blog. Thank you everyone who has 'liked' my blog page over there.

So the sun is shining through the study window,
the coffee machine is ready and waiting,
the weekend is calling.


Have a great one.

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  1. Enjoy the weekend, and seeing Annie, great choice, Maureen x

  2. Enjoy your weekend Beth. ;-)