Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Life is for living.

You know when you pack so much into your days that last week feels like last month?
It's been a bit like that around here recently.

Autumn is such a perfect climate here in Brisbane.
The mornings and evenings can get pretty cool and chilly, but the daytime sunshine is just the best.

We were on dog sitting duty this weekend and took them on lovely long walks along the creek. 

There was time to have a bit of a relax as well, and I caught a few quiet moments on the front deck of the house with Twmff the cat watching the world go by before getting myself ready to go out with the girls for a meal.

Sunday morning breakfast skyping friends in America.

Sunday morning tea up the mountain catching up with family.

Sunday evening into the city to the theatre.

Guess where I was on Monday morning?

I love and hate that place! I go with a list of things that I want and before I've gone past two minutes in the store the exact opposite of what I thought I'd chosen slaps me in the face and screams
"What about me instead? 

Anyhow, three trolleys later I manage to manoeuvre myself out
and organise home delivery that got to the house about 20 minutes after I arrived home...!
Now that's service.

Then to start the week we sampled a new Japanese dining bar that's just opened up the road.

They will be seeing more of us...

 So Tuesday came around again with my yoga class in the morning and after a quick scramble to do the grocery shopping I managed to squeeze in a massage before school pick up.
The house is now quiet and it's time for this night owl to get to bed at a half decent time for a change.

Nos da,

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. You have been packing a lot in. Sounds like you packed a lot of Ikea into your home too! I hate it that whenever I manage to get to Ikea (about once a year if I'm lucky) I come home, read through the catalogue that I nabbed and then see more things I would have loved!

  2. Ikea, I have a love/hate relationship with that store but mostly love it.
    The new Japanese place sounds interesting Beth and expect we shall try it out on your recommendation.

  3. Some weeks are like this for me and others I clear completely and just meander through them.
    I love the Autumn/Winter months in Brisbane too, so much more enjoyable to be outdoors during this time.