Saturday, 18 August 2012

Family Treasures

A box of goodies arrived here this week. 
A box filled with precious things that once graced the tables of my family some generations ago.

Bridgwood china dinner service

My lovely mum had wrapped and sent over some treasures that were gathering dust in her attic so that I could have the pleasure of owning a little piece of the past. 
I remember some of it....

Duchess tea set 'Rosebud'
 This delicate little tea cup and saucer above belonged to my grandmother. It's such a pleasure to drink out of it. I used it for my evening cup of tea a couple of nights ago and I was transported right back to my grandparents kitchen....
I remember the tea pot that they used and the tea caddy (never tea bags), the milk that came in a bottle from the milkman, the exact cupboard where the biscuit barrel was kept , even where the not so secret chocolate supply was hidden in the pantry! It's amazing the power of one little object on the memory.

I don't recall this exact plate, but I do remember being on holiday in Dorset  as a child and visiting the Poole Pottery shop. I bought a small china dolphin brooch....I wonder where that went? I have a memory of a few bright orange and mustard yellow pieces in our house - very 70's!

Royal Albert 'Blossom Time'
 This beautiful set dates back earlier than the 1970's, and I should do a bit of research and find out when it was produced. I love the fact that the handles of the little tea cups are so small that you can't fit your finger through and have to pinch it - very lady like.

This is just marked 'Staffordshire' and is extremely delicate.

Sibs is convinced that some of this china is from the Jane Austen era! 

Denby 'Natural Blue'

Then to finish off - I also got some new Denby cups, saucers and plates for everyday use.

Now I have to find some space to store and display all this gorgeous stuff!

And in other news....Twmff is still recuperating. He alternates between resting in the sunshine on top of the desk in the study and escaping to the linen cupboard. He has a little pillow on the desk and his own mat in the cupboard....not spoilt at all then?? He's being a little trouper and takes his medicine daily and there is some improvement. His rather pathetic hopping on three legs is now more of a limp. 

12 Comments and thoughts:

  1. I love your china Beth!! I have a bit of a weakness for pretty pieces! And Charlotte loves reading about your poor puss! Thanks for sharing x

  2. As I am getting older I am becoming more and more interested in old china. So pleased for you that your Mum sent all this beautiful china out to you.

  3. Beautiful chinaware! It's good to have reminders of the past.
    Duncan In Kuantan

  4. lovely - was this sent from OS and turned up all in one piece

    1. Yes, it was well wrapped and came by sea.

  5. How lucky are you...a little bit of Wales in sunny QLD! Enjoy your memories. Robx

  6. They are beautiful treasures indeed. You will be spoiled every day using that gorgeous Denby Ware!

  7. Oh Beth how special. I have a lump in my throat reading about this. Such a wonderful connection to "home" and to times gone by. I am so much more sentimental now I am in my forties. And your "everyday" Denby is stunning too Fx

  8. Hello Beth

    You have received a beautiful collection of china which also contains your family history and evokes marvelous memories. I just love the selection.
    What treasured memories
    Helen xx

  9. Lucky you! What beautiful treasures! Happy week dear! X

  10. Hi Beth

    Just read your blog about your lovely china. I'm with you when you pick up pieces of china that may have belonged to your Grandparents, etc, it just like stepping back in time. I had one grandma who was English and who I grew up with and the other Grandma was Welsh who I didn't know, but the fact that it is part of your families history it is very special I think.

  11. When my grandmother passed away she had a lot of beautiful dishes and mugs. I love the dishes that were made in the 1960's they are really beautiful in their own way.