Monday, 15 October 2012

Chess antiques

Yesterday we spent a day at home. Just relaxing, pottering, chilling...that sort of a day. I moved a few bits of furniture you do. (Actually, I find that quite satisfying, so it was my way of switching off.) As I was in the middle of heaving beds around the place Sibs and Neil decided to dust off an old chess set and sit outside in the afternoon sunshine.

Sunday afternoon chess lesson

Years ago Neil loved to play chess. Apparently when he was at school he played against some chess master or other...
Anyhow, for his 30th birthday he said that he would like "a really nice chess set". For a man when usually asked what he would like for his birthday would  mutter "I don't need anything" this was a revelation!

We searched  and searched for a table and a chess set. In fact I think it took almost a year until we eventually found just the right thing in a small antique shop in Edinburgh.

The top of the table can be removed and turned to play chess or left as a plain top and inside there is also a backgammon board.
When we got the table home the modern chess pieces just didn't look right. Not that they were too different  like "The Simpsons" chess pieces or anything like that - they were just too shiny and plastic looking.

 A little while later Neil's mum found him the perfect present. By this time I think that he had possibly celebrated his 31st...but that's the way it goes with us.

Look how proud the horse looks?

It's funny how you can sometimes forget the lovely things that are hidden away in a box.

As with any antique, I wonder who used these pieces before. Were they on display or were they also hidden away in the box? Did they belong to a 10 year old child learning how to play or a gentleman that would sit with his brandy and cigar....?

 I've left the pieces out on the table today. They are enjoying their new home on the other side of the world.

I wonder if the original owner would ever have imagined...

Happy Monday,

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  1. Hi Beth, Australia probably wasn't on their radar when making these lovely chess pieces, though you never know whether the makers may have had relatives out here as most people here would have had close European and English relatives. Interesting though, to see Ebony in use.

  2. Love, love, love! Such a beautiful set. My boys love to play. We have a nice wooden set which belongs to Jason, but not nearly as lovely as yours. xx

  3. Hi Beth, what beautiful objects, so well crafted, I am sure your hubby was delighted. Love Linda x

  4. What a beautiful chess set - real craftmanship. Your photos show them off so well too. It was lovely to see that you are my newest follower - thank you.

  5. I envy the sitting in the sunshine, as winter draws in here now.

  6. Beautiful. I remember
    seeing a pic of the little
    chess player on IG, right?
    So sweet to think of her
    and her dad playing on
    this special set outside
    in the sunshine.....

    xo Suzanne

  7. Hi Beth, lovely chess set! Hope all is well love your wicker chairs btw!
    Maureen xx

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