Friday, 31 May 2013

Be your own kind of beautiful...

Let me give you a free therapy session...
 but before I begin, I want to set the scene for this post.

Every now and again we bring out some dinner conversation cards at home. 
 I posted about these a while ago (HERE) 
They are a box of gems -just small cards that prompt a discussion. 

The other night one of the cards read 
"The best advice I've received..."

My ten year old pondered for a few minutes and then came out with 

You told me that I need to be my own kind of beautiful..."

We had a wonderful conversation about diversity and acceptance and inner beauty and being yourself.
As every mother will tell their child,  I tell her that she's beautiful. More than that though, I want her to know what her beauty is...what makes her unique and special. Up until this particular evening I don't think I realised that she really got this...

Fast forward to this week and  I was at a work professional development day and one of the speakers showed us a few video clips. She didn't introduce the topic, just let us watch. I particularly loved this one. 

Just give yourself 3 minutes to watch.

Most of us as adults are way too self critical. 

How would you describe yourself....What kind of a person are you?

Now think about how your friends would describe you....

 My ten year old believes that she is beautiful in and out. 
Whilst I definitely don't want her to be precious and vain about it, 

I think this is a lovely quality that children should have.

Happy Friday beautiful people,

be your own kind of beautiful...
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  1. Beautiful advice from a mother to her daughter...

  2. Hello Beth

    Wonderful advice you have given your daughter and how great she believes in herself and has confidence at this young age. I found the Dove video fascinating and how we tend to focus on our negative features. Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  3. Oh my goodness Beth - I'm tearing up. What an interesting experiment. Yes we all should be our own kind of beautiful. Kylie xx

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  6. What a lovely thought - I think we all need to be better at this! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  7. Thank you for the lovely reminder...