Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bush camping

I've been camping!

Yes, that's right - I did it. This self confessed 'sometimes princess' has weathered the great outdoors and voluntarily slept under canvas.

at least I had a pretty cup

Last week there was a Wednesday public holiday for the EKKA show day. This is an agricultural show in Brisbane. We have been to the EKKA a couple of times but as Sibs was already spending a day there as part of a school excursion it was agreed that we would do something different this year.

view from the tent in the morning

Some friends were camping a few hours away and invited us to join them for the day on Wednesday. In a very weak moment (was there wine?) I may have whispered to myself that we could think about a stay over on the Tuesday night.... What was I thinking? It's Winter!

Ok, so Winter daytime temperatures are in the 20's but night time is a different story. Couple this with inland and a mountain and it's cold - really cold!

I don't do camping, so as a result the tent and equipment is all Neil's domain. He uses his camping trips as an excuse to be a boy scout again. In other words, he just makes do.

 I'm not very good at 'just making do...'

Our tent was a glorified portaloo tent.

my home for the night

Sleeps 4??  
 I don't think so...

Our sleeping bags (2 between 3!?) were very  lightweight Queensland summer ones... it was freezing! It plummeted from 23 degrees to 0 overnight. I wore all possible items of clothing to bed and pulled the hood on my jacket tight, so tight it almost cut off circulation! I seriously considered getting into the car to try and sleep, but I was afraid that I would drive home!

toasting marshmallows

My task was packing food. I made a nutritious chicken and vegetable soup for the Tuesday night meal and Neil produced some dodgy plastic bowls that looked suspiciously like dog bowls. After a quick wipe I searched for a spoon and was given a plastic fork... See what I mean about making do? Apparently it's part of the camping experience! At least I packed a bottle of bubbly. Then a thought....bathroom facilities? They would be a kilometre away...

Despite these 'challenges' I did have a good time and Sibs had an absolute ball. She helped to feed the farm animals, collected eggs, and even had a go at milking.

early morning egg collection

She went on a horse ride, learnt how to throw a boomerang and crack a whip and generally had some freedom and fun.

afternoon horse ride

I relished the time to sit and catch up with friends. Just chatting, strolling, drinking tea, doing a bit of crochet, watching the kids, nothing extraordinary, but all good.

happiness is a skip to explore...

Would I do it again?
 Maybe....big maybe.

I would have to stock up on a few essentials though, 
and I think my definition of 'essential' and Neil's definition  is quite different!

We stayed at Bestbrook Mountain Resort ( website HERE)

6 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Hello Beth

    You are a good sport and did it and I am sure your family appreciated it too. Life does not have to be difficult and next time pack the waterford crystal and china!! Love the picture of the horses
    Helen xx

    1. If there is a 'next time' Helen I will definitely be taking charge of the packing!

  2. Brave girl to camp in winter! I do like camping just not in winter and it has been a while for us. Must get back out there. The site looks lovely and how nice to have a horsey ride. :-)

    1. It was a lovely spot to camp Jenny and I can imagine it being glorious in the warmer months.

  3. I do agree about essentials! I would at least have to have a suitably warm and cosy sleeping bag and perhaps a bit of foam or a blow up mattress between me and the ground...and lots of comfort food..hehe!

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