Friday, 2 January 2015


Even though I don't write in this blog a much as I used to (or probably as much as I would like to), I still enjoy the fact that it allows me to reflect and remember the things that happen over time. 

Inevitably at the start of a new year you remember the last. 

The other morning as we were swapping the 2014 calendar for the new 2015 one, Sibs and I spent some time going through the scribbled entries.

2014 was a mixed bag....

In a nutshell it was a year full of wonderful opportunities of great entertainment. I was fortunate enough to experience huge musical acts in Brisbane - Queen, Robbie Williams, Hugh Laurie, Andre Bocelli, and not forgetting a memorable day with The Rolling Stones. Sibs was part of a huge production of the musical Cats and spent the first half of the year loving every second of rehearsals and theatre time. There were many amazing ballet performances too -  Romeo and Juliet, Manon (my favourite) and The Nutcracker. 

Then there was the end of a chapter with 2014 being the last year of primary school for Sibs. Last athletics carnival, last school fete, last violin concert, last this, last that...We blinked and it was over!

There was some travelling. I went to New Zealand to a family wedding and met up with relatives that I didn't know. It was wonderful. We visited Thailand and spent some time with other family and Sibs got to meet some relatives that she had never seen before. We felt very fortunate and loved the opportunity to have a bit of an adventure and do some exploring of somewhere quite different.

During this last year I managed to carry on with my weekly yoga practise and I've taught myself more crochet. I have loved the satisfaction of creating things. I feel quite deprived if I don't have my 'down time' at the end of a day with a cuppa and my latest project.

We were lucky enough to spend some weekends away at the beach or up in the mountains to get away from everything.

It makes you appreciate your surrounding even if I do miss home...

In the mixed bag of the year there were some challenges on the health front for both Sibs and I, with quite a few hospital and specialist appointments. Sibs's management of her scoliosis makes me proud of her every single day.

We go into 2015 with the same challenges but with lots more knowledge. 

So the new calendar is in place and a few entries are already up. There's lots of blank spaces to fill though....

Happy New Year, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda,

I hope it's happy and healthy,

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