Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Summer school holidays with my girl

We are part way through the Summer school holidays here.  They started last year...

We're enjoying weeks of no routine and a slightly gentler pace of life.

Just as school broke up Sibs was lucky enough to spend a few days away with friends up the coast. She filled her days with hours at the beach, lots of swimming and ice creams, playing board games and generally having a fun time with great company. She came home with a glow.

Then Christmas and New Year came and went and all of a sudden we are in the countdown to a new school year. We have been shopping for school shoes. It's getting closer....

The first week of the new year was taken up with Sibs attending a Young Blue music camp. It's a five day non-residential camp where the young musicians get together and work on a themed show. This year it was Young Blue in the Jungle.  They started their days with yoga for performers, they worked in small groups on their instrumental techniques, they got to record and learn all sorts of performance and staging technical stuff, they did costume and choreography and it all concluded with a Friday afternoon show.
Young Blue is part of the Deep Blue orchestra set up. Website HERE

My first week of January was no-where near as exciting as I went back to work for a few days!

photo is from the Deep Blue Facebook page.
So last week we decided we needed to get a bit more organised. Out came the calendar, a list was drawn up of all the things we wanted to do and the people we wanted to see and we set off planning.

One of the things on my list was to get a little bit creative and spruce up some old pine stuff that I had kept hold of. I think I'm a little late to the party but I have just 'discovered' the wonder of Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I started by dropping the tin in the garage as I was getting out of the car and nearly had a heart attack - but it's been all good since then!

I've also been catching up with some crochet. This photo is roughly at the half way point of the blanket I'm working on and I'm ploughing through and up to the last third by now. Modlen loves to sit next to, or on me when I crochet but Twmff is slightly more wary!

So what else has been happening?

I had a birthday and Sibs and I spent it shopping.......for a new fridge!  (We did manage to fit in a bit of girly shopping too)

It's been very hot, so hot that the cats have been reluctant to venture out. So we've spent time chasing the air con places. The optician was one place and the shopping centres, library, cinema have all been on the list.

I have been craving the cold weather that I see back in the UK. I just love the images of the snow in the countryside that I see on my facebook and instagram feeds. Although when we were talking about this the other day I did confess that I conveniently forget about the dirty slushy ice and the biting wind and the frozen toes!

To escape a bit of the heat and humidity, Sibs and I went up to Noosa and spent the majority of the time in the water. On the odd occasion that she would get out of the pool it was straight to sit under a fan.

Time to get out....

cousin time

This morning we have been to a yoga class and Sibs is now catching up with some ballet friends before a quick turnaround and she's off for a sleepover with a school friend.

We have an appointment with Gary the back brace man tomorrow, then to the school uniform shop to swap some clothes as they no longer fit around the brace...
On Thursday we  have a catch up with a  friend from a musical that Sibs was part of last year, a couple of Australia Day parties over the weekend and then this time next week it will be Sibs's first day at her new High School.

So there goes the Summer holidays.

I'm gearing up for a busy few days before routine kicks in again.

Happy times.

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  1. Hello Beth,
    Sounds like a fun and exciting time for you and a big new step for Sibs as she enters school.
    I love your crochet work and paint project.
    Wishing you the joys of 2015 and some cooler weather.

  2. Thanks Helen, I'm really enjoying the slight distraction of some crafty things at the moment.