Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Daydreaming in the Dales. UK trip Part 5

After my time on the farm with A and W,  I had a spare afternoon before heading over to Manchester so I decided to go for a bit of a walk. There was no sat nav in my hire car so I set off driving and weaved through the country lanes and ended up in Malham. This is a truly breathtaking part of the Yorkshire Dales and even though it's a tiny village there's always people about. 

The dry stone walls are a feature of the land and criss cross the fields keeping the livestock in their place. Malham Cove is popular with walkers and climbers and I believe that a scene from Harry Potter was filmed there. 

I just seemed to hit lucky with the weather on this trip. It was a bit windy at times during my walk but the sky was blue and a bit of a breeze never harmed anyone. 

When Sibs was born I got to know some girls through mothers group. We went to some pre and post natal classes together and then for a little while before some of us drifted back to work we used to meet up. A few girls lived in Malham and I knew that one was now the local Smithy. She gave up on the corporate world of the city and took over the blacksmith in the heart of the village. I thought her move was pretty amazing and quite inspirational so of course I had to call in to see her and say hi.

Isn't that the quaintest little place to call your workspace? On the afternoon that I stopped by she was busy teaching someone blacksmith skills. Annabelle offers one day courses where you can spend the day learning the basics. An idea for next time maybe......?
Blacksmiths don't just make horseshoes you know, and a pretty little heart leaf keyring came home with me as a memento. 

Malham Smithy website - HERE 

So after a chat at the Smithy I walked a bit further up the road past one pub and past the village shop. 

Just opposite the shop, this sign caught my eye. Imagine landing back in Brisbane with -  
"I've bought a woodland called Dingly Dell! "
(If you're wondering....yes, I did google it and it's open to offers)

The road to the cove is to the left of the shop and there are a few delightful little cottages and B&Bs to fall in love with and daydream about.

As I was in the middle of one of those daydreams, this fellow scampered across my path, ran through some long grass and jumped on a wall. It was almost as if he was waiting for me to follow him with my camera as once I took a photo he was off.

Then it was past Hill Top Farm, where I did think about going to say hello but time was getting on so I carried on walking to the cove.

Malham Cove is a natural limestone formation with interesting erosion patterns. The sunlight (when it's out!) bounces off the white rocks. It really is like going back to the land that time forgot.

My walk then took me back into the village where I had to snap a photo of The Listers Arms, which has had a fancy new sign since I was there last.  

No swifty for me though, as once I changed footwear I was back in the car on the way to my last destination.

The big question......was my memory going to get me from the Dales to South of Manchester? Was I going to get lost on the M65, M66 and M60?

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