Thursday, 17 September 2015

Life between the plans

I've been counting days and maybe hours until this evening. School holidays are here. No clock watching, no list making, no planning...

Even though Sibs is now a teen I still relish the time off with her and the chance to have lazy morning chats. School holidays have always been special times for me. The first morning off used to involve watching Play School in our pyjamas, but we've now moved on from there. Now it's just morning tea in our pyjamas where we ponder the day ahead.

When life is so jam packed with mostly necessary routine, it's an absolute luxury to take back control.

There's a little plaque with a quote that I bought on my trip home a few months ago that's hanging in the hallway. 

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".

It's from one of my favourite songs 'Beautiful Boy' by John Lennon. The Double Fantasy album was the first LP that I bought for myself way back in the early 80's. I still have it and I still love it. 

It's funny how some quotes and sayings just stay with you, and this is one of them. Yes, I am a planner and a list maker and most of the time this works for me. Sometimes though I need to not know what's happening tomorrow. Just live the day and see what it brings.

These next two weeks we'll fit in a bit of shopping, maybe some painting and baking, some time in Noosa and time to catch up with people. I don't know exactly when all of this will happen....we'll just wait and see.

Happy holidays,

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  1. Wonderful post and lovely photos. :)

  2. Hi Beth love your thoughts and that amazing feeling of the start of the holidays!