Tuesday, 27 October 2015


There was a moment in my day yesterday that I felt a whole range of emotions and I haven't been able to shake off all day today.

It was just a normal Monday afternoon. Sibs was head in her books and laptop in the study completing her homework. She had returned from school, changed her clothes, helped herself to a snack and drink during which we had the usual conversation about what to have for dinner. Just so normal...

I went to collect the post and there was a report from our sponsored child in Zambia.

Sibs was reading it out to me as I was pottering around.

There was information about M's house, what she did on the weekend, what her favourite colour was and then when Sibs got to one question and answer she just stopped....

"The most precious thing that I have is......"

In the blank was the word "nothing".

We both just looked at each other with teary eyes.

I am sad that M feels she has nothing that she considers precious and I am grateful that we are able to make a tiny difference to her and her community in gaining some degree of independence and well being.

The conversations that have been prompted by our letters from M have been invaluable and I wish she knew that she makes a difference in our lives too.

World Vision website

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