Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Winter school holidays

It's Winter here. It's socks, slippers and cardigan weather...and I'm loving it! The daytime sky is a beautiful crisp blue and the temperature hovers around 20 degrees. Then as the sun sets the evenings are cooler and spent under blankets or some nights around the fire or heater. I wish it was Winter all year in Queensland.

We have just come to the end of a few weeks holiday. As the last break was a pretty busy one (to say the least), this one was much more sedate and all about catching our breath and forgetting about the usual frantic planning of everyday life.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take a couple of weeks away from work and cherished my moments with Sibs. There was some serious chilling out with a few pyjama days; we shopped, we had some dinners with friends and we de-cluttered like there was no tomorrow. In fact that's what I should be finishing off now but paying a few bills online suddenly became  -  'let me write a blog post before I do anything else!'

My sleep pattern, which is never the best, had some serious hammering with Wimbledon and the Euro 16 finals. Wales made it to the semi's and there were a few 5am football starts after 2am tennis finishes! The benefit of all that TV watching was that the blanket that seems to have taken me forever is now finished.
I started this one way back in February and was making it up as I went along. There are only three colours and I began to fall out of love with it. I realised after a while that the lack of symmetry was bothering me so at the half way point I mirrored the pattern and then it made sense again. It took almost 4 months to do the first half and just over 4 weeks to do the second half!

One evening I needed a start and finish project so I made this wooly sheep. He has his own removable jumper which is a little on the cute side and I can see a flock in the not too distant future.
(The pattern is from Attic 24 link HERE)

I re-introduced my Sunday G&T but have to admit to getting a little confused last weekend. Just as I was about to sit down with my drink and my new book it dawned on me that it was a Saturday. Needless to say I carried on regardless!

Spending time with Sibs has been a giggle and her sense of fun and humour is really developing. There have been some days where we have been helpless with laughter, so much so that I had to stop driving one afternoon as I couldn't see through the tears!
She has introduced me to snapchat and even though I only have one contact it's a fun way to keep in touch.

This has been a holiday of mainly resting and re-gathering with a few full days thrown in here and there.

Life continues to feel like a whirlwind and the momentum of the year is still hurtling past. On the health side I have conceded to the realisation that the numerous non surgical interventions that I have been attempting will not give me the long term solution. It was worth a go but now the bed is booked and I will be hibernating for a while.

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  1. Hello! I enjoyed reading a few of your posts the other day, and have started following you now on Bloglovin so I will be able to keep up with all your adventures. We have holidayed in Wales for the last 3 years. My husband and I went to the Yorkshire Dales twice a year for many years before we had children, and I travelled and worked in Australia for 6m as a young woman, so lots of points of coincedence here. Unfortuanately I never visited Brisbane, which I think I read in your biog is where you are currently. I like this idea of a weekly gin and tonic. I enjoy a g+t on a Friday evening, or somwtimes a glass of wine or a beer. I am trying to avoid even that small indulgence at the moment as I am trying to lose some weight X

    1. Hi Penny,
      Thank you for your comment. We certainly have a few points where we could possibly have been in the same place at the same time!