Sunday, 2 October 2016

A little catch up

It's October!  It's those glorious short lived weeks of Springtime before the Queensland summer hits. 

I have been in hibernation and recuperating mode and am just about getting back to normal (whatever that means?)

It feels like nothing at all and quite a bit has happened over the last couple of months. My days have been a routine of only essential chores with coffee, crochet or a book. Not very exciting but I thought I would just capture a little of it here. 

I have learnt a few things during this time -
- not wearing contacts or glasses is a good thing for me as I can't see the dust or the tumbleweed effects of having a daughter with lots of long hair!
- not to peer too closely into the bathroom sink as the blue toothpaste stains stare back and mock me. (On a positive - at least she brushes her teeth!)
- not having a full fridge is ok and you can do lots with eggs.
- my cats have a sixth sense and just know when things are not quite right.

During the last couple of weeks however I have tried to get out a bit more and prepare for a return to real life.

Sibs has been off school for two weeks holiday and as usual has been busy with social and dancing commitments. She is performing at QPAC next week so I have had to book in my time to spend with her in between rehearsals. We went for a bit of a stroll along the river one day and it was so relaxing just walking and chatting.

We have managed a couple of days up in Noosa and on one of the days the weather wasn't great so Sibs, Nana, Aunty D and I went to a ladies diy class and made clocks.

Bad weather never lasts long here and the next morning it was back to beautiful blue skies for a wander and coffee in Sunshine Beach. This photo was taken on my phone and has no filter attached to it. The ocean is just stunning.

I am not a huge movie goer but one afternoon when I had enough of home, I took myself off to watch Absolutely Fabulous. All was going well as I sat in the back row with a hot chocolate in my hand and the cinema to myself. Then a group of ladies with babies and toddlers came in...and sat right in front of me! The kids had ipads on full brightness, a tupperware box of cake was passed around and not so hushed conversations were had. I wasn't too impressed.

Last night I tried again, this time to see Bridget Jones's Baby. The cinema was full and everyone behaved! I laughed out loud and it was just what I needed. Maybe the cocktail and the comfy seat helped?

So another month and another season starts and the countdown to the end of the year big trip is on. 

There's some planning to be done.

2 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Ipads and cake boxes in the cinema?? I am shocked! Rustling sweet packets and the occasional monile phone buzzing is bad enough! X

    1. I don't know if it's an Australian thing Penny as I've been to watch the Australian Ballet a few times and on more than one occasion have been quite taken aback at the noise in the audience. Maybe I'm just getting old!