Tuesday, 28 September 2010

"Cats and Dogs"

Modlen and Twmff
 Today is the last day of the school holidays for me (I go back to work tomorrow and hand over duties to Dad). Sibs and I decided that as it was raining we would go to the cinema, or to the movies as they say here in Australia.
We lunched at the French cafe in Paddington - very nice, and eventually decided to watch "Cats and Dogs - the revenge of Kitty Galore". Imagine our surprise when we saw that our two cats had starring roles!  What fun to shout at the screen "Go Modlen" when the grey cat flew through the air. Luckily the cinema was almost empty.
By the way, our cats have Welsh names - there's no spelling mistakes! Modlen is named after a rather old book that I remember as a child called "Modlen, y gath fach ddewr" (Modlen, the brave little cat), and Twmff is named after an animated character in a child's comic magazine called "Wcw a'i ffrindiau" (Wcw and friends). There endeth the Welsh lesson for today! x

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