Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Still waiting...

When we bought this house about three years ago we decided to make a few alterations, one being building a pool. It's been money well spent but it was never quite finished. Well, the pool itself was all done but there is one part of a wall that probably should have been knocked down - and if the truth be known we were a little scared to do it! We opened up the space in the back garden, and knocked down half the wall...

after, but half a wall still to go

opening up the back garden
So this morning (after 4 no shows), the fence man came to give me a quote to remove the rest of the wall and replace it with a glass fence.Queensland pool regulations are pretty strict about the safety of your pool fence. I remember when we built the pool the inspection was one of the stresses. The inspector came into the house and checked some of the windows, he even got us to cover an outside tap so that a child couldn't stand on it to get over the fence. Tragically, too many children drown each year around home pools, so it's most definitely better safe than sorry.
P.S. The green bean that I had to "respect like I respect the cats" (see previous post) is surviving....so far

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