Saturday, 25 September 2010

I have a spring onion - and we've been to the ballet!

"Clara" and a mouse from The Nutcracker
My little girl has had the nickname Sibwns (pronounced Shib-oons) since she was born, usually shortnened to Sibs. A couple of years ago she was horrified to learn that it's Welsh for spring onion! At least it's unique here in Australia...I think there are a few other Sioneds home in Wales with the same nickname??
Anyway, Sibs and I went to see The Nutcracker this afternoon performed by Brisbane City Youth Ballet. It was magical. The standard of dancing, the costumes and set were all glorious and to top it all the young ballerinas rushed out after the show to sign programmes. We danced all the way down South Bank to Ginga Japanese for dinner and then danced all the way back along the riverside again home. Sibs was even dancing whilst she brushed her teeth. I'm suprised that she's not dancing in her sleep.

So it's now all quiet in the house and I'm catching up on bathroom designs, or to be specific - taps. Just when you think you've chosen The Tap, there's a niggle somewhere telling you to keep looking just that little bit more.

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