Sunday, 26 September 2010

Everyone and their dog...

....goes to Bunnings on a Sunday.
kids activity class at Bunnings.
 There's a d.i.y. place here that has this magic spell that it casts on people during weekends. We all wake early and think "I really need to go and get something from Bunnings today" and off we go to face the crowds.The small numerous do it yourself stores in the UK have nothing on the gigantic, enormous Bunnings warehouse. The staff are knowledgeable and usually pretty friendly and helpful, and when we arrived today it was just in time for a kids activity.
Each child was given a terracotta pot, paint and brushes, an apron (that they could keep),and were instructed to decorate their pot in their own unique style. Then they planted a herb or a vegetable. Sibs planted a dwarf french green bean. She very proudly carried the pot to the car, placed it carefully next to her....and two seconds later....soil plus bean all over the back seat! She huffed and puffed (well I huffed and puffed and she cried), but we managed to save it and the rescued pot is in the herb garden.
She has gone to a friend's place for a sleep over tonight and left with the instructions that I "must respect the bean like I respect the cats" !?! interesting.

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