Monday, 4 October 2010

Can someone please find me an extra few hours in the day?

Term 4 started today, so morning routine was restored. Up at 7ish, eat breakfast, I prepare packed lunch, then wash, brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair, put on sunscreen, pick up bag and out. Sounds easy enough...
25 "Come on Sibs" later we were on the way to school when she remembers that she hasn't brought her new Smiggle scissors, pencil and eraser which of course was soooo important!

9am and I made it to the hairdressers to have a couple of indulgent hours (thanks Bossy Hair) with a coffee, chat and the odd gossipy magazine thrown in for good measure. From there off to get bulk cat food  - I stock up when I have my hair done as the pet food shop is close by, and just next door a shop that sells bathroom things so yet another look at taps - I just can't quite decide...

Back in the car and off to the French Corner to see if they had any new mirrors for the bathroom. No mirrors but I got very distracted with some lovely clocks, pretty picture frames etc etc!

Next stop a gift for a newborn little boy, a birthday present for my niece who will be nine, another birthday present for a little boy who has just turned one (thank you facebook for keeping me up to date - I thought his first birthday was next Feb!!). The problem I have with shopping for gifts is that I always think there's going to be something better in the next shop, so I can take way too long to decide. I'm very skilled at browsing, dawdling and pottering.

I eventually got finished and headed home to the list of phone calls I needed to make - call the fence man (again) to follow up on quote, call the bathroom man (again) to confirm start date,call the garage to book car for a service, call gymnastics, call ballet....hey it's 2.50pm, time for school pick up.

 Home, afternoon snack, prepare tea, no homework? OK violin practice. Play outside on the bike and trampoline. Go and pick husband up from work as he ran in this morning and now it's too late to run home to be back in time for me to go to yogalates.....maybe tomorrow will be calmer?

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. What a lovely day you had! Wonderful pictures too! Enjoy your day, Kellie xx

  2. OMG, how busy were you? I wish I could achieve half that much during my days!! Great blog, by the way. You've inspired me to re-vamp mine and get it up-to-date again.

  3. Thank you for commenting ladies.
    Kellie - my first ever comment, how exciting! and Claire, I don't usually pack so much into a day (I wish).
    Thanks for the kind words. x