Sunday, 3 October 2010

Meet the neighbours

When we first arrived in Australia the various bugs, critters and creatures were a source of fascination, but they were also the things that were threatening to send me screaming back home. Luckily I have managed to contain my fears - well, most of the time.
Look what we nearly stood in last night? This yucky thing was on our drive way. It's called a Red Triangle slug and it's pretty big - the average size is 70mm.
Living quite close to a city I thought that we would be reasonable safe from the too scary and too dangerous, and fortunately we have been spared any major incidents. Although, the first time a cockroach dared venture into the house I was straight on top of the sofa! Here are a few photos of the wildlife that we've seen. I was too scared to get close to some...

koala living in the wild

possum in the back garden

this possum lived in our chimney

gecko's are very common and keep the mosquitoes away

water dragon eyeing up our picnic at Mount Coot-tha

a King Parrot

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