Monday, 18 October 2010

Chilling after yogalates...

...and another busy Monday.

Junior chef in action

It was a different Monday in our house today. At 7am the builders arrived and by 7.05 it was dust and noise everywhere. Sibs was off school (pupil free day/teacher training) so inspired by Junior Masterchef she wanted to make pancakes for the tradies. We bought a 'pancake pen' a few weeks ago and tried it out this morning. Waw, it was great. Just threw all the ingredients in the 'pen', gave it a shake and hey presto, easy perfectly round pancakes. It was also so easy to clean afterwards. ($20 from Wheel & Barrow)

the pancakes with the 'pen'

The note that Sibs put with her pancakes for the tradies.

Next stop was to pick up some taps, - yes, I eventually decided on the taps....I had to make a decision as the plumber arrives tomorrow. (I'll post another time about the bathroom renovations.) As the pancake breakfast was so early we needed another, so we headed to Milk bar. They do great snacks, coffee and fabulous shakes and juices and the decor is fun. This is definitely the way to spend a day off.

breakfast no 2 at Milk Bar
We felt like some girly retail therapy so headed off to one of the shopping centres . We giggled in the changing rooms where some teenage girls were trying on bras - (it's giggly when you're eight!) and we got carried away with the Christmas displays. Christmas decorations were the last thing on my mind, but I quickly got into the spirit of the season. One of the blogs that I have recently been reading - fauxfuchsia ( so glamorous and so funny) has got super organised and festive, but I'm more of a "It's not December yet" girl. After today, I could be persuaded...

"I'll have one of those"

So another full Monday ends with yogalates. No phone, no TV noise, in fact no noise except the wonderful instructor Lyn calmly giving directions and reminding me to 'keep breathing....'

I think I'll have to hold onto that thought as I sit here ankle deep in dust, well that might be a slight exaggeration, but you could definitely write your name in my dining table tonight!

2 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Ah I remember being where you are last year with dust and noise! what a lovely way to spend the day with your girl. I agree re: waiting till December, but then my spirits do lift and I get all festive.

  2. Oh my heart! Those pancakes.... and the note! Forever captured on your bloggy... gorgeous. A-M xx