Friday, 15 October 2010

A parenting conversation during Thursday-itis!

Let me set the scene for this post...
Our family has this "disease" called Thursday-itis! From around 5pm we experience lethargy, irritability, grumpiness, a 'can't be bothered' attitude and no-one wants to eat whatever was on the menu for tea. Most Thursdays we battle through until bed time, but other Thursdays we succumb to the "disease".

Yesterday, we succumbed! Granted, the roasted pumpkin pasta dish didn't sound too appetising so the first hurdle was where to eat for dinner. A few tantrums later and we eventually head off to an Indian restaurant. Daughter not happy as it wasn't her choice, me not happy as daughter is wearing old going out to play clothes and husband not happy...well...husband just really succumbing to Thursday-itis! Get the picture?

We had a lovely meal, Sibs even wrote me a little "sorry for being mean, I love you" note, and all was going as well as could be expected. Once home, it was straight to her bedtime routine and lights out for 7.30pm. Phew, we survived.....
Expecting the "Darling, would you like a cup of tea?" chit chat, I sauntered into the kitchen.Two minutes later, husband and I entered into parenting techniques and strategies conversation - heavy for any night, let alone a Thursday! Needless to say, this wasn't going well. Something along the lines of -

"You're too strict with her",  "You're too lenient", 
"No, I'm not", "Yes, you are" "No, I'm not", "Yes, you are......"

Thursday-itis was really getting a hold! Two grumpy hours later, two grumpy people later, lots of going round in circles, we gave up.

Yes, I expect us to have different opinions sometimes, and I'm sure a lot of families have a slightly stricter parent and a slightly softer one, and if like us - this swaps and changes between us depending on the situation. So why am I battling today with trying to figure out just how to be the best parent I can? How to guide and teach without controlling? How to let her make her decisions, find her way? How to play good cop, bad cop without confusing her and giving her conflicting messages...???

Anyway, Thursday becomes Friday, and the world becomes good again. Husband went out of his way to bring me a morning coffee and some chocolate (always works!)

We have 2 little girls for a sleepover tonight, a grown ups dinner party tomorrow night (not stressed yet...), and something else on Sunday that I can't remember!  Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend. x

3 Comments and thoughts:

  1. Sounds a little like our house! Have a lovely weekend ;-)

  2. Ty ni hefyd. Paid a becso - dyw e ddim jest 'Thursday-itis' gyda ni chwaeth!

  3. Thank you for the reassurance, I hoped that I wasn't alone...

    Diolch am adael neges cymraeg Helen.